MPG Car Rental Succeeds with Its People-First Business Model

Owner praises manager Paul Hernandez for "innovating and leading our company."

Jul 02, 2012, 17:03 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Based in Venice just 3 miles from LAX, MPG Car Rental is one of few rental agencies in the Los Angeles area with an all-green fleet. However, it's not this dedication to the environment that only makes them stand out; it's also been the staff at MPG Car Rental's dedication to customer service that drives their business. One person who stands out at this green car rental company is its manager, Paul Hernandez. Customers and co-workers alike have praised the good work he has been doing. The owner of MPG Car Rental, Steve Vahidi, admires Paul's "great customer service and success."

Paul and MPG Car Rental's online reputations are no different. Firstly, the company has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau with 0 complaints levied against it. It also has a full 5 star rating over at Yelp, a website which allows consumers to rate their experiences with companies. Many of these reviews specifically mention Steve and his geniality. After being moved to write his first review, one Yelper lauds Paul by name for being "super helpful," "sincere," and that he "just made everything super easy!" He concludes by saying he knows now to stick with MPG Car Rental.

Two other reviewers agree; they say that Paul is "a great guy" and "easy to deal with."  Another had his vehicle in the shop and needed a hybrid car rental. After another company was being "unhelpful," he turned to MPG Car Rental where "Paul… totally saved the day." Over on Facebook, customers share their love. A woman cites her recent hybrid rental as being "the best car rental experience I've ever had." Then she follows that up by saying that Paul and his team made her "feel valued as a customer." It's this sterling reputation, online and in the Ventura community, that keeps appreciated customers coming back.

While distinguished customer service can be enough for any business, MPG Car Rental maintains its success by being innovative. Paul promotes many services at MPG that renters can truly appreciate. He recognizes that hybrid or electric car rental can be unfamiliar to some and offers a Prius tutorial for any customers who want one. He's perfected it, too, so that it is short and won't keep the renter for very long. Then there's the MPG Test Drive program. This program is marketed for those who are considering buying a hybrid. They can rent a car from MPG Car Rental as a test drive and, if they choose to buy the same car from a participating dealer, they can deduct the full rental off the cost of their car. Plus, by participating in programs like Groupon, Paul has kept MPG Car Rental on the digital map.

Paul has stated that "going green shouldn't have to be a luxury" and that what's "good for the planet is also good for business." He has certainly succeeded on both of those fronts. Find out more at

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