MPG's Completely Green Fleet Alleviates Gasoline Price Worries

Oil refinery problems are causing a surge in West Coast gas costs; a green car rental can lessen the financial burden on your wallet.

May 17, 2012, 15:42 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- California gas prices have been hovering at over $4 per gallon for months. To make matters worse, the West Coast was hit with an economic inconvenience last week when 4 California refineries were temporarily closed for maintenance. Because the state requires a special blend of pollution-fighting gasoline that these refineries produce, gas prices have swelled state-wide to an average of $4.34 per gallon. Los Angeles drivers are thinking of personal solutions as to not weigh down their spending. However, cheap, gas-free choices like public transportation or biking are not always possible for many commuters.

For another option, Los Angeles drivers should consider a green car rental. With the appropriate rental, a motorist can actually save money by switching to a hybrid or electric car during this expensive gasoline season. MPG Car Rental is the place for Los Angeles customers to choose the best electric or hybrid car rental. With a fleet of diverse styles and sizes, MPG is flexible enough to get you cheaply around town for your daily commute or for your upcoming visit.

It's true that getting a clean diesel, hybrid, or electric car rental from MPG can actually save you money. Certain cars in the MPG fleet get over 50 miles per gallon. That means that these cars only have to be filled up on gas once for every 2.5 times a vehicle with 20 miles per gallon does. Then add on the wear and tear to your primary vehicle and other unfortunate damage (such as a mysterious dent that your insurance won't cover) that can happen to your car. This ends up costing more than the combined gas and rental fee. All these savings are achieved just by giving your prized vehicle a rest and switching to a green car from MPG.

Plus, MPG has the reputation and customer service skills to please any new customer. They boast a perfect 5.0 star rating on These happy clients speak favorably in public about MPG's positive and well-informed staff. Most mention MPG's pick up and drop off service, which is their policy to meet customers wherever they may need and even get them where they need to go after the rental. Check out their reviews on Yelp and then hop over to the MPG website at

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