MRM Digest-All® and Relax-All™: Holidays' "Little Helpers" in the Year's Most Hectic Season

Nov 26, 2013, 15:44 ET from Metabolic Response Modifiers (MRM)

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Nov. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Metabolic Response Modifiers, makers of superior quality health and wellness products, created Digest-All® and Relax-All™ for ongoing relief throughout the calendar year, and says there is no better time for each than during the hectic holiday season that runs from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.


With excess at the top of most lists during the holiday season, the digestive care complex found in Digest-All® aids ideal digestive function - even when diets are flawed - and introduces key elements to combat the ill effects of overindulgence.  Whether from snacking on rich holiday foods, or excessive drinking, gastric disturbances can deflate the joy in the holiday season.

It's a medical fact that age reduces the ability to digest food properly.  Larger-than-normal meals force the body's enzyme-producing machinery into overdrive.  Digest-All® picks up where nature leaves off, by alleviating gas, bloating and discomfort with a full-spectrum of plant-based digestive enzymes to eliminate undesirable symptoms...before they start.

Tough enough for your holiday meals?  You bet.  Digest-All® provides enough active enzymes to assist in the digestion of 30 potatoes, nine ounce of protein, and 60 grams of fat.  More than enough for any holiday meal! A proprietary blend of soothing herbals lend further comfort, and help balance the digestive process.

The American Psychological Association says that "holiday stress has a particular impact on women, who take charge of many of the holiday celebrations, particularly the tasks related to preparing meals and decorating the home," and report an increase of stress during the holidays.

MRM Relax-All™ helps calm stress all year long, but is adept at addressing tensions unique to holidays - excess traffic, overburdened schedules and added responsibilities - all of which lead to stress. anxiety, and lack of sleep.  Overindulgence in alcohol or prescription sleep aids is never the answer, as they lead to greater sleep deficit, and encourage anxiety. 

MRM Relax-All™ with Phenibut offers a safe, balanced amino acid and herbal solution to support relaxation and calm muscles to set the stage for greater sleep demands.  Proprietary NeuralCalm™ contains highly concentrated extracts known for their ability to relax the body, ease muscle tension and foster tranquility  Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a natural derivative of neuro-transmitter GABA, which encourages serenity and helps minimize anxiety. 

The MRM Digest-All® and Relax-All™ are your greatest allies for year-end peace.  Find them at: or fine wellness retailers.

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