MShift Sues Digital Insight to Enforce Fundamental Patent Related to Delivery of Data Via the Mobile Internet

Digital Insight Customers Are Named as Co-Defendants

Feb 19, 2010, 19:07 ET from MShift, Inc.

FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- MShift, Inc. today announced the filing of a patent infringement action against Digital Insight Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intuit Corp. (Nasdaq: INTU), as well as against Community Trust Financial Corporation and Community Trust Bank. The action, filed in the United States District Court in the Northern District of California, asserts that the mobile banking technology Digital Insight is providing its customers, such as Community Trust Bank, infringes on MShift's United States Patent No. 6,950,881 (the "881 Patent").

The "881 Patent" is entitled a "System for Converting Wireless Communications for a Mobile Device" and was awarded to MShift on September 27, 2005. The "881 Patent" is a fundamental patent that covers communications between a mobile device and a network site. The inventions of the "881 Patent" enable mobile devices such as Smartphones to access network sites such as online or home banking sites by means of a conversion and adaptation engine which performs translations between the language of the network site (e.g. HTML) and the language supported by the mobile device (e.g., WAP, HDML, HTML) as required. By dynamically adapting and configuring data from one or more sources for presentation and use via mobile phones, the "881 Patent" describes an innovative conversion engine that defines the modern mobile banking experience.

"MShift strongly believes that Digital Insight's Mobile Banking services which are not provided by MShift infringe upon the '881 Patent.' This action against Digital Insight and against companies, such as Community Trust Bank, that have chosen to use an infringing technology, demonstrates MShift's ardent commitment to protecting our many years of investment in research and development.  MShift has further filed this action out of fairness to our loyal customers who have paid for the unique advantages of our proprietary technology," said Scott Moeller, Chief Executive Officer of MShift, Inc.

MShift provides a Mobile Internet Platform and is regarded as a Mobile Banking pioneer. Today, MShift is the market-leading provider within the Mobile Banking industry. MShift technology powers over 200 US Mobile Banking applications for some of the largest financial institutions in America, as well as for local banks and regional credit unions across the USA. With MShift technology, both national as well as local banks and credit unions can deliver to their customers a rich and dynamic mobile banking experience.  MShift solutions allow financial institutions to offer Mobile Banking to their customers in a manner which is user-friendly, quick and low-cost for the financial institution to deploy.  Carrier and device agnostic, MShift technology enables mission critical data to be formatted, accessed and used via a multitude of Smartphones and mobile devices.

Extending the reach and ubiquity of MShift's mobile banking technology, MShift has deployed downloadable applications for mobile banking on the iPhone platform, as well as SMS/ Text based banking solutions. Most recently, MShift premiered MShift Mobile Deposit, a technology that enables Financial Institutions' customers to deposit checks into checking or savings accounts via their Smartphone, essentially eliminating an extra trip to the bank or the ATM.  MShift Mobile Deposit is available both as an iPhone downloadable and in a patent pending carrier and device agnostic format. These MShift innovations expand upon the technical foundation MShift established a decade ago, the architecture which is documented in the "881

Patent" granted to MShift by the United States Patent and Trade Office in September 2005.

SOURCE MShift, Inc.