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MUMBAI, January 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Running apace with the trends in technology, Mumbai-based startup has transformed the way people rent flats. In an age where buying grocery and electronic items are just a few clicks away, it's bewildering that for renting a flat, you still have to go door-to-door inspecting flats with your broker. By changing the fundamental process of home search, housing has taken the innovative lead of bringing houses to the users instead. How, you ask? Housing has its own team which is responsible for data collection ensuring accuracy and authenticity of data. They visit every flat listed on their website, geocode them, collect pictures and other relevant details before uploading them to their website. Data collection service is provided free of cost to the landlords, effectively ensuring that owners can upload their flats on the website for free.


With a large number of flats, accurate pictures and data at your disposal, all you need to have now before beginning that dreaded house hunt are the comforts of coffee and internet instead. Just start your search on the portal and begin applying filters to refine it. Browse through photos, rent and other details of flats that match your requirement and shortlist flats that you like. Knowledge of your neighborhood before you move in is essential. India's first map-based real estate search portal, also shows neighborhood information like nearby parks, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, nightclubs and lot more for every flat on their website. Once you zero-in on a flat, you might also want to check out the commute options for nearby public transport services available.


Recognizing the need of the day, Housing ensures that its customers truly enjoy the freedom of choice. Having provided numerous photographs for each flat, it goes a step ahead. Special filters on the website enable users to locate their dream house near places highly suited to them - be it their favorite coffee joint, mall, nightclub, or more importantly, their office or their kids' school. Neighborhood information and commute details further enrich the experience of selecting the ideal house.

For tenants specifically interested in added features, Housing provides a list of them to choose from - a gym, a swimming pool, a gas pipeline, and so on - thus making itself the perfect real estate search guide one can employ. Briskly moving ahead with its goal of transforming the search for a warm home, Housing, along with a mobile website has also come up with Android and iOS apps which give users the power to hunt for a house on the go.

The other end of the Indian real estate spectrum covers classified websites that connect tenants/buyers with brokers. But, sets itself apart, by helping people find flats, not brokers. And if you're looking for flats without brokers in Mumbai, presents a large number of flats directly held by owners to choose from. Just select the 'Owner' checkbox in 'Listings from' filter and you're good to go. The entire database of flats sits right there on the website, waiting to be unleashed through a few clicks. And one wouldn't need to shuffle through a maze of options with the ones already leased out still clogging the screen; Housing's proprietary Listing Decay algorithm does away with them, ensuring only fresh listings greet the users.

Led by a team from IIT Bombay, Housing has already managed a good pat-on-the-back from its initial users, associated brokers and property owners.


India's first map-based real estate search portal, is innovating real estate in India. With an approach rooted in technology and accurate data, Housing has taken a route less travelled in Indian real estate industry.

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