Mundus Group, Inc. Announces that Its Subsidiary, AirStar International and Its Technology Partner, Flint Hills Solutions, Have Been Successful in Obtaining a Certificate of Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration for Operations in the National Air Space (NAS) at Crisis City, Kansas

Jan 20, 2010, 04:00 ET from Mundus Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for the FH 500 UAV which is operated and built by Flint Hills Solutions, LLC. of Augusta, KS.   AirStar is a major contributor to the FH 500 UAV production as the FH 500 is built on one of AirStar's gas helicopter platforms.  The COA allows for safe operations at Crisis City, an emergency response training area in the NAS located in Kansas.

Flint Hills Solutions uses AirStar International's state of the art gas RC helicopters as the platform to host FHS's UAS technology for autonomous navigation.  In addition to integrating an autopilot system onto AirStar's helicopters, fully stabilized gimbal cameras and video transmitters are also integrated allowing for remote live video feeds to emergency responders.   The ability to fly the FH 500 UAV over Crisis City allows it to be integrated into extensive training conducted there for search and rescue operations.  Training includes hovering over simulated disaster sites such as rubble piles and transmitting geo-referenced video to the emergency response team on the ground.  Roger Powers, founder and CEO of Flint Hills Solutions said, "The COA is a huge step in opening up the market for the utilization of AirStar platforms and FHSs UAVs in Emergency Response scenarios.  The fact that the FAA has granted us this COA is proof that AirStar's helicopters are a solid addition to our autonomous UAV systems by providing a reliable, safe, and long endurance platform for our systems."  Having successfully received a COA, Flint Hills Solutions and expects to be able to obtain an Emergency COA allowing them to fly in different locations across the state or U.S., including tornado disaster sites within a matter of hours. 

About Mundus Group, Inc.:

The Mundus Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MNDP) is an advanced aerospace technology consortium providing patented Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) technology for experimental aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) since 1990 through its fully owned VTOL division, Roadable Aircraft International (RAI). From US Navy co-developed UAVs for aerial observation and environmental testing to advanced VTOL aerospace technology for civilian and military uses, Mundus Group, Inc. is developing revolutionary products with global potential for change that offers economic protection and growth opportunities for investors. Mundus is at the cutting edge of jet turbine-ducted fan technology and fuses a state of the art design engineering and a prototyping facility with computer assisted auto flight technologies, Remote Controlled (RC) and composite technologies industry segments.

About AirStar Intl. Inc.:

AirStar, has been an innovator and world leader in Unmanned Air Vehicles and Remote Controlled Vertical Take Off and Landing technology for the past 20 years in the design, engineering, development, production and sales of cutting edge remote controlled (RC) unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) for US military, international government and civilian surveillance services, fire and rescue departments as well as world renowned aerial cinematography for movie and commercial production, aerial photography and laboratory / product data testing.

About Flint Hills Solutions, LLC.:

Flint Hills Solutions is an advanced technology and services company with emphasis on the Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) market. With a deep knowledge of the FAA requirements that will drive the development and certification of the UAS aircraft systems and payloads, Flint Hills Solutions is a strong partner to many Original Equipment Manufacturers of Unmanned Systems that have the need to move their products and solutions to the National Air Space. In addition, Flint Hills Solutions has a long and successful track record in identifying high readiness level technologies and rapidly developing solutions to integrate these technologies into UAS applications for Defense, Homeland Security, Commercial, as well as State and Local customers.

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