Mundus Group Subsidiary, AirStar Introduces Green All Electric UAV Product Line in Response to Requests From Major Nature and Environmental Documentary Companies

Jan 13, 2010, 04:00 ET from Mundus Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AirStar is proud to introduce the all electric, emission free Evolution, a trouble free electric powered helicopter for industrial payload applications, which is capable of smooth precision hover and smooth transition forward flight.

AirStar Founder Josef Joebstl points out, "We used our very successful and proven chassis, and our in house design engineering and prototyping team modified it for the electric power plant. It is manufactured from aircraft aluminum on our CNC machines. We're proud to offer the next generation of technologies in a quiet electric RC helicopter powered by the new custom electric engine. With high torque and relatively low speed, the Evolution provides quiet, smooth, vibration-free operation. AirStar is offering the Evolution EX as an environmentally friendly version of the famous AirStar CamCopter as used in countless movies and commercials."

The Evolution CamCopter camera ship is the perfect non-invasive eco friendly virtual platform for cinematography in pristine sanctuaries and environmentally sensitive areas where the study of wild life and eco systems cannot be sacrificed with gasoline engines and toxic exhaust at the expense of those same pristine qualities of life that we are trying to save and preserve.

In addition to several requests from our motion picture and documentary industry clients, AirStar has also been approached with requests for our surveillance drones adapted for silent operation with zero emissions capable of close range surveillance.

With the advent of electric powered helicopters and the advancements in battery technologies, flight times are expected to increase. The electric engine produces absolutely no emissions offering endless possibilities for aerial cinematography.

About Mundus Group, Inc.:

The Mundus Group, Inc. (MNDP) is an advanced aerospace technology consortium providing patented Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) technology for experimental aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) since 1990 through its fully owned VTOL division, Roadable Aircraft International (RAI). From US Navy co-developed UAVs for aerial observation and environmental testing to advanced VTOL aerospace technology for civilian and military uses, Mundus Group, Inc. is developing revolutionary products with global potential for change that offers economic protection and growth opportunities for investors. Mundus is at the cutting edge of jet turbine-ducted fan technology and fuses state of the art design, engineering and a prototyping facility with computer assisted auto flight technologies, Remote Controlled (RC) and composite technologies industry segments.

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AirStar, has been an innovator and world leader in Unmanned Air Vehicles and Remote Controlled Vertical Take Off and Landing technology for the past 20 years in the design, engineering, development, production and sales of cutting edge remote controlled (RC) unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) for US military, international government and civilian surveillance services, fire and rescue departments as well as world renowned aerial cinematography for movie and commercial production, aerial photography and laboratory / product data testing.

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