Muscle Warfare a wholly owned subsidiary of Embark Holdings (EMBK) passes inspection by the FDA

May 20, 2013, 07:00 ET from Embark Holdings, Inc.

WELLINGTON, Fla., May 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Embark Holdings, Inc. (OTC: EMBK) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary Muscle Warfare, Inc. has passed a recent FDA inspection entitled an EIR (Establishment Inspection Report). The inspection was conducted to confirm that Muscle Warfare had discontinued the use of DMAA as stated in a response letter dated back to May of 2012. The inspection also included a complete facility inspection, which reviewed written and executed standard operating procedures including quality control systems. The FDA completed the inspection and filed a report stating there were no deficiencies observed during their inspection. an industry leading Supplement and Nutrients online magazine released a recent article on May 10, 2013 regarding FDA inspections and warning letters. See the following link: FDA warning letter highlights obligations of private label distributors. With the recent FDA inspections being finalized, Muscle Warfare passed the inspections which demonstrate that the company's focus to deliver quality products has proven to pay dividends in the way of compliance and quality.

Daniel Amato, President and CEO of Muscle Warfare, Inc. and Embark Holdings, Inc. stated, "I am pleased with the outcome of this EIR (Establishment Inspection Report) as it helps demonstrate Muscle Warfare's strong commitment to work closely with FDA, but more importantly shows compliance to stay within the industry guidelines, which helps enable us to deliver the highest quality sports nutrition products to the end consumer. With no deficiencies observed during the inspection, this EIR gives a boost to our team moral, displaying proper execution of strict quality control measures and standard operating procedures. Additionally, we will continue to utilize regular HFL Testing of our products to help insure they are free of banned substances or contaminants and may be used by professional and competitive athletes with confidence everywhere."

About Muscle Warfare, Inc.
Muscle Warfare is a cutting edge sports nutrition manufacturer that is passionately driven to create and distribute the absolute highest quality products in the marketplace. Every product we develop has been forged with great experience and focus on maximizing product efficacy for real world results. Furthermore, Muscle Warfare products are rigorously tested by top testing labs to help insure them free of banned substances. We are truly committed to helping all athletes achieve and surpass their highest goals and potential.

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