Muslims to Gather in Nation's Capital to Remember Attacks on 9/11, Discuss Moving Forward

Aug 16, 2011, 16:28 ET from United For Change

United We Stand: One Nation, One Destiny conference brings together leading Western intellectuals to address the role of Muslims in the West ten years after 9/11.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On September 10, the organization United for Change will host a conference titled "United We Stand: One Nation, One Destiny" to shed light on the threat of anti-Muslim sentiment and how to move the nation forward as a positive force in the world.

The program will center on mercy and compassion as the core themes of the Islamic message, and how to translate them into constructive action for all Americans.  Leading scholars and activists will take part in lectures that address the growing acceptance of anti-Muslim incivility in the West and how to foster an environment of unity in face of division. The day's events will also include a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11 and the Norway attacks, and conference organizers will encourage attendees to participate in a 9/11 Unity Walk the following day.  

"As Muslims, we wish to use this program to declare in a clear and unambiguous voice, we will not allow the spirit of our times to rob us of our compassion. We will not allow the distortions of our religious teachings, and the baseless caricaturing of our community to lead us to respond to the challenges of our day in a merciless fashion," said Imam Zaid Shakir, Chairman of United for Change.  

"[9/11] has affected the destiny of Muslims, who lost people that day.  This event has become a symbol for the demonization of Muslims and for saying that they are violent.  What better time to say that we are above these accusations?"

Speakers will include Karen Armstrong, English author of comparative religion; Dr. Tariq Ramadan, leading Islamic intellectual; Dr. John Esposito, Director of the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University; Hamza Yusuf, co-founder of Zaytuna College; Anya Cordell, Jewish activist; Dr. Merve Kavakci-Islam, Turkish Parliamentarian;  Yasir Qadhi, leading American Muslim scholar; and others.  

The conference will be at the Washington D.C. Convention Center, September 10, 2011.  For more information:

United For Change was created to galvanize the Muslim leadership in North America to take on issues that are too large for any one individual leader, organization or group to effectively address.

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