MVTRAC Spearheads Victory Over California SB 1330

Jun 08, 2012, 14:02 ET from MVTRAC

PALATINE, Ill., June 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MVTRAC is proud to formally announce today the successful defeat of California SB 1330, a legislation originally initiated to prohibit the use and storage of License Plate Recognition (LPR) data for legitimate business and public safety purposes.


­MVTRAC executives flew to Sacramento on three occasions, testifying before the California State Senate Committees and meeting with Senators and Committee Members. MVTRAC executives worked with Senator Simitian directly, the author of the bill. MVTRAC was the only LPR Company to file a formal opposition of record(1) and testify before the Senate to defeat the bill. By rallying as many organizations and people close to the issue as possible, Scott Jackson specifically was issued a letter of authorization from distinguished organizations to speak on their behalf that included the American Financial Services Association(2), Time Finance Adjusters Conference(3) and National Finance Adjusters(4). He was asked to speak on their behalf during sessions of testimony.

MVTRAC executives Scott Jackson and Luke Smith worked diligently in communicating and rallying law enforcement agencies and groups such as the International Chief's of Police (IACP), Association for Los Angeles Police Deputy Sheriffs, California District Attorneys Association, California Narcotics Officers' Association, California Police Chiefs Association, California State Sheriffs' Association, Chief Probation Officers of California, U.S. Homeland Security and organizations that support companies like GEICO, Progressive Insurance, Allstate, State Farm and more.

The widespread support that Jackson and MVTRAC received was in their belief, due in part to the dire consequences that would have occurred if the bill became a law. States Jackson, "At its core, LPR technology represents the use of video technology in a public forum, which is a fundamental right as dictated by the Constitution. A bill or law suggesting its prohibition or limitation essentially infringes on our freedoms and would have sparked a debate at the Supreme Court level at an inevitable point down the road."

After months of working front-and-center and behind the scenes, Senator Simitian found enough pressure from other Senators and everyone MVTRAC worked with to decide not to bring the bill before the Senate floor. After a long career as a legislator, Senator Simitian is "termed-out" and will be leaving office at the end of this year. California SB 1330 was officially terminated on June 1, 2012 on the floor of the California Senate, due to Senator Simitian's decision not to bring it to the next vote, which would not have enough votes to pass.

According to Scott A. Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of MVTRAC, "The key behind our success was taking immediate action and establishing a strong rapport with the legislators in California, open discussions with Speaker Newt Gingrich and his amazing understanding of our patented emerging technology and its impact to national security and private small businesses, law enforcement agencies and associations, and recovery and auto finance organizations supporting their industries.

MVTRAC CEO Scott Jackson hosted Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich for a rally in Chicago(5), followed by a dinner reception.

Stated Jackson, "I became aware of the bill around the same time that MVTRAC decided to sponsor Ex-Speaker Gingrich's event. We need to extend a huge thanks to Mr. Gingrich for understanding the significant importance of ALPR in both the private sector and Homeland Security and having the foresight to speak openly about its use at public events and to legislators. He's an amazing intellectual, as he understood the size and scope of everything only after minutes of discussion and he immediately became passionate about it."

Expanding on the details of their efforts, Jackson stated, "We flew to California to testify in front of multiple committees in opposition of the bill. We drafted many revisions of the bill and we had conference calls and meetings with so many people, including Senator Simitian and his team. We would be remiss to take all the credit for defeating the bill simply due to the significant financial investment, the investment of time and travel and working with all parties involved, including our communication with Speaker Gingrich and law enforcement organizations. Yes it's true, we were the only ALPR company on record for opposition and we did spearhead the most significant campaign against the bill and coordinated the most efforts of joint action, but because we put forth a joint effort between the recovery industry, the auto finance industry, law enforcement and the various associations, nurtured our communications and relationships with Speaker Newt Gingrich and legislators, it was the overall pressure from everyone and everywhere that allowed Senator Simitian to determine there wouldn't be enough votes to pass the bill. It would be both abrasive and corrosive to our relationships for us to take all the credit and I must thank everyone involved in the effort. We also need and want to extend our thanks to Senator Simitian himself, for working hand-in-hand with us during the process, and for serving the State of California over a long and very distinguished career."

"We understand the sensitive nature of our data and so we work closely with representatives from both state and federal governments to implement the most cautious and thorough processes regarding the use of our data," stated Luke Smith, MVTRAC Executive Vice President of Business Development, adding, "Prior to the bill being dropped, we had already drafted numerous revisions [to California SB 1330] in order to maintain the positive impact that our data and business model influences on society as a whole. We were determined to preserve the utility of our patent, data and technology, one way or another."

During the passage of California SB 1330 through the California Legislature, MVTRAC served as the only documented LPR Company in opposition to the bill(1).

Adds Jackson, "Overall we are very proud of what we accomplished and believe that our success in this forum demonstrates our undying commitment and passion to all parties directly and indirectly related to the industries that rely on our data technology."

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