MWC for Show, CeBIT for Dough

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Why are mobility distributors favouring rainy, grey Hannover over the sunny Barcelona alternative? 

CeBIT and the Mobility sector have appeared to grow apart over the past decade as Mobile Phone Manufacturers choose MWC as their premier destination for product launches and marketing spending. But under the surface, CeBIT is rising from the ashes and it's doing it in a way that is under the radar of most industry commentators and competitors.

The key to this revival is based on two components. Specialise in a specific area, do it better than your competitor and use experts to spearhead the campaign.

Firstly let's dispel a myth, the mobility sector hasn't abandoned CeBIT, in fact, come March 2016, in Hall 14, millions of Euro will exchange hands as real-time deals are completed, partnerships are forged, channels established and supply chains are realised. This has been key to CeBIT's rise and with the help of gsmExchange, an entire element of the Mobility Eco-System has established itself at CeBIT. That element is distribution.

But how is CeBIT specialising in a specific area? Well, by working directly with gsmExchange, CeBIT opened the door to the entire distribution market, over 120,000 contacts in fact from the  database. These companies ranged from blue-chip companies right down to SME's and Start Ups, but all were focused on distribution and all quickly established that there were opportunities at CeBIT. 

gsmExchange established the tradeZone pavilion in 2011 and has grown the mobile phone section at CeBIT to over 4000m² in area. Over 10,000 professionals are expected to attend the event and a further 220,000 delegates, journalists and exhibitors will participate in the wider CeBIT event. 

To complement the already successful distribution area, gsmExchange is launching OEM Connect, a concept designed to connect manufacturers of all sizes with retailers, distributors and network operators. gsmExchange facilitate pre-arranged meetings with a one-on-one matchmaking service and VIP lounge for meetings to take place.

Manufacturers looking to get more exposure can take a booth within the tradeZone pavilion, avail of a demo point in the networking suite, or participate in product launches and announcements on the forum stage. 

CeBIT takes place from the 14th to 18th March in Hannover, Germany. gsmExchange tradeZone and OEM Connect are located in Hall 14, within CeBIT.

About is the largest online B2B trading platform for the mobile phone industry. Established in 2000, gsmExchange has over 120,000 members worldwide from 187 countries. The membership on gsmExchange consists of manufacturers, network operators, distributors, traders and large retailers. 

gsmExchange launched tradeZone in 2011 to provide an exhibition and business development solution for professionals within the mobile phone, accessories, tablets and wearables markets. Initially focused on the distribution aspect of the mobility eco-system, gsmExchange has expanded to cover a broader range of the entire market including manufacturers and the retail sector. 

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About CeBIT 
CeBIT is one of the world's largest ICT and Telecom's exhibitions welcoming over 230,000 delegates, journalists and exhibitors from over 100 countries each year. The event takes place from 14th to 18th March 2016.

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