My Cancer Centers: SPDT Successful In Treating Esophageal Cancer

Dec 26, 2014, 10:00 ET from My Cancer Centers

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Jerry Levinson was 45 when he began having difficulty swallowing, developed heartburn and vague chest pains.  His doctor ordered a chest MRI and a thoracic CT and ultrasound.  The diagnosis was esophageal cancer.  His doctor recommended standard American treatment – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Levinson worked in hospital administration, and had seen firsthand the devastating effects of these treatments.  According to the Medical Tourism Association, Levinson was one of half a million Americans looking for an alternative to standard therapy.

The esophagus is the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.  Symptoms of esophageal cancer include loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, weight loss and chest pain not related to eating.  The American Cancer Society says that this year, 18,170 Americans will be diagnosed with this cancer, and 15,400 will die from the disease.  After 5 years, there is only a 20% survival rate when standard treatments are used.

In his research, Levinson looked at treatments in Germany, Mexico and even China. The one therapy that seemed to have excellent results with his cancer was SonoPhoto Dynamic Therapy (SPDT).   For decades, patients have traveled to China, Germany and Australia for this aggressive natural therapy, which boasts an 80% success rate with early stage esophageal cancer.  To his surprise, Levinson found one treatment center in the USA that offers this same therapy.

The treatment begins when a patient ingests a natural photo sensitizer, and then waits for 48 hours to begin treatment.  During that time, all the cells absorb the substance, but normal cells will wash it away.  Cancer cells can't expel the sensitizer so it remains only in the cancer cells.  Next doctors pulse sound and light frequencies through the patient's body.  When sound (Sono) and light (Photo) hit the sensitizer, a chemical reaction called photosynthesis occurs, which explodes free radical oxygen inside the cancer call, which destroys the cell.  Treatments are done over a period of weeks, until all the cancer cells have been destroyed.

Levinson contacted Dr. Clifford Fetters at My Cancer Centers in Carmel, Indiana.  Fetters is the medical director for this holistic cancer clinic.  According to Fetters, his medical team is the only group in the United States authorized to use SonoPhoto Dynamic therapy for early stage cancers.   Levinson spent four weeks at the clinic and his cancer improved immediately.  "Mr. Levinson was an ideal candidate for us," Fetters said.  "SPDT is an aggressive natural therapy that is painless and non- invasive.  It has exceptional results with esophageal, breast, gastric, lung and prostate cancers." 

The use of SPDT has been approved by the Indiana State Medical Board.


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