MY ECO Launches "ReuseChicago"

Mobile App and Rewards Program Helps Shoppers Shift to Reusable Shopping Bags

May 28, 2015, 10:00 ET from MY ECO

CHICAGO, May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- "Habits are hard to break," so the saying goes. On August 1st 2015 many large retail stores in Chicago will no longer provide traditional plastic carryout bags and so an old habit will quickly change. The plastic bag ordinance is designed to move shoppers away from plastic or paper to shopping with reusable bags. Happily, many Chicagoans already have reusable bags so the city is well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

However, remembering your own bags can be challenging in today's hectic society. MY ECO is here to help by providing easy to use technology and a rewards platform in Chicago retail stores. MY ECO starts with a mobile app that reminds you to bring your bags on designated shopping days and then reminds you again as you approach the store. This simple notification system is right in the palm of your hand and will help encourage the new habit of bringing reusable bags with you.

The free app is also designed to strengthen the habit thanks to our rewards program. When you visit sponsor retailers, you will earn reuse points, which can be redeemed for rewards from the MY ECO catalogue. Sponsor retailers will offer points for every dollar you spend in the store and MY ECO will be adding retail sponsors over the coming months.

You can start now by downloading the "MY ECO" app from the Apple and Google stores and set up your free account today. Ask your local retailer when they will be offering reuse points to reward you for remembering your bags.

"The plastic bag ordinance is designed to reduce plastic bag trash in our city and reduce the money and time wasted cleaning up these non-biodegradable bags. I want Chicago to be the greenest city in the world," Alderman Joe Moreno, 1st Ward. "MY ECO is offering Chicago an innovative solution to the simple behavior problem of forgetting our own bags, which many of us have at home. I encourage retailers to adopt MY ECO's behavioral approach and support this campaign."

"We welcome and applaud all efforts to develop a more sustainable Chicago. MY ECO's program fits squarely with our philosophy that creating a green, sustainable city requires hard work, cooperation and a commitment from local government as well as every individual, business and institution in the city," Karen Weigert, Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago.

Shopping with reusable bags is a habit that can help all Chicago. Retailers save money because shoppers no longer take a free bag from their store. Furthermore, the bags proudly displaying their brand are no longer decorating Chicago's trees and streets. The City can dedicate resources to beautifying communities instead of cleaning bags from streets, drains and sewers and residents enjoy cleaner neighborhoods.

Changing habits is hard but MY ECO will incent, motivate, and reward consumers with the transition from plastic to reusable shopping bags.

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MY ECO works with communities to encourage and reward sustainable behavior. We use a combination of technology and incentives to educate residents and support sustainable choices. The MY ECO approach helps consumers break the disposable habit through positive reinforcement, social engagement and financial incentives; and by creating a collaborative relationship between consumers and retailers. Learn more at or


Tom Cherry