MyCorporation Researches What Entrepreneurs Look for in a Vacation

Jul 21, 2015, 06:00 ET from

CALABASAS, Calif., July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With over 16 years of supporting entrepreneurship and exemplary customer service in the incorporation and LLC formation industry, is taking a look at the stats behind how small business owners are getting away this summer with their latest blog post, "Experts Weigh In: What do you look for in a vacation spot?"

"Everyone knows small business owners like to get away during the summer, so we wanted to take a look at what sorts of things they look for exactly in a vacation and then break that down into easily digestible numbers," said Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.

MyCorporation reached out to small business owners of a wide variety of industries to find out what their favorite trip destinations are.

According to their poll, MyCorporation found that only 41% of entrepreneurs are looking to stay in touch with their businesses while on vacation. 28% of the small business owners polled mentioned wanting to disconnect completely when taking a break from running their businesses.

Rich Kahn of eZanga likes to stay connected.   

"When it comes to a vacation spot, I need Wi-Fi. It doesn't matter if I have to pay for it or not. To stay connected with my business, which is an online marketing company, I need the internet," said Kahn.

There's quite the split between what entrepreneurs want in a vacation. 52% of small business owners mentioned wanting an experience in nature, and 28% mentioned preferring a vacation in the city. Additionally, 48% of the entrepreneurs polled mentioned wanting to get away for the purpose of relaxation, where 28% of entrepreneurs mentioned wanting to get away to seek out adventure.

Betty Brennan, of Taylor Studios, Inc., speaks about looking for an element of adventure in her time off.

"You would think a busy entrepreneur would want a nice, relaxing vacation. Yet, for me, I like adventure, learning and seeing new things. This may also match the curiosity of an entrepreneur. It also gives me the time to feed my other passion which is horses. Therefore, I often take horseback riding trips around the world. My favorite was in South Africa and Botswana. Wow! To ride next to elephants, wildebeest and zebras was exhilarating," said Brennan. 

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