MyHealthDIRECT Expands Services to California in Partnership with Regal Medical Group, an Independent Physician Association

Seamless, real-time, Web-based scheduling for healthcare appointments benefits thousands of physicians and patients and supports an integrated care coordination program

Aug 02, 2011, 08:00 ET from MyHealthDIRECT

RESEDA, Calif., Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MyHealthDIRECT and Regal Medical Group today announced a partnership that will assist the care transition process by scheduling health care appointments for its members using MyHealthDIRECT's web-based scheduling services solution.

MyHealthDIRECT's platform first builds, then organizes, open and available appointments throughout an entire provider network into a searchable and schedulable inventory of healthcare services and is used nationwide by hospitals, health systems, managed care organizations and health information exchanges. With this contract, MyHealthDIRECT expands its services to California where Regal Medical Group, an Independent Physician Association (IPA), coordinates health care with affiliated providers.

"Clients see immediate benefits as our solution simplifies and transforms the appointment-making process by providing real time search capabilities and sending appointment confirmation details and reminders to patients," said Jay Mason, CEO of MyHealthDIRECT. "MyHealthDIRECT not only helps organizations reach their bottom-line goals but it ensures better health care coordination and delivery."

"Both physicians and patients will appreciate the MyHealthDIRECT's appointment scheduling process and the time savings it offers," said Dr. Jeffrey Klein, Regal Health Group's Medical Director. "This partnership advances our mission of supporting personalized, quality care for our members through a cost effective care coordination initiative."

About MyHealthDIRECT

MyHealthDIRECT is a national health services company that connects hospitals, care management organizations, public agencies and community collaboratives for the purpose of scheduling timely and appropriate health care appointments on behalf of individuals. Founded in 2005, MyHealthDIRECT offers a web-based solution that organizes open and available health care appointments in the community into a searchable and schedulable inventory of healthcare services. The MyHealthDIRECT solution promotes continuity of care, reduces unnecessary cost and utilization and ensures that patients are scheduled with appointments that best fit their needs and preferences.

MyHealthDIRECT's web-based solution helps healthcare organizations in 11 states improve access to care, facilitate care management and improve quality measures.

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About Regal Medical Group

Regal Medical Group, an Independent Physician Association, provides high-quality healthcare at lower out-of-pocket costs to members. Regal, part of Southern California's largest managed health networks, emphasizes prevention over intervention and works closely with thousands of health care providers and members. Regal provides the resources, guidance and expertise, and coordinates all health care needs.