MyScreen Mobile launches new interactive mobile advertising technology in Argentina with Claro

Jun 15, 2010, 16:05 ET from Myscreen Mobile Inc.

Mobile phone users in Argentina can now sign up to receive rewards from Claro and advertisements from major brand advertisers

BUENOS AIRES, TORONTO and MIAMI, June 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - MyScreen Mobile, Inc. (MyScreen) (Pink Sheets: MYSL) (Frankfurt: WICI) today announced the launch of its new interactive mobile advertising technology in Argentina with Claro. MyScreen's first-of-a-kind patent-pending advertising platform delivers full-screen advertisements to the mobile phones of opt-in subscribers and provides them with rewards such as free services, special offers and discounts.

As part of the launch, Claro will be inviting specially targeted device owners to sign up for the service, and anyone that signs up will receive 100 FREE SMS messages as a reward for registration. Subscribers will continue to earn points for participation exchangeable for Claro services.

"We are pleased to bring to Claro customers in Argentina an innovative mobile advertising solution that will allow consumers and brands to have a direct and personal connection. Users can receive advertisements and information from brands in accordance to their tastes and preferences, and they will receive rewards. The rewards are free Claro services like free SMS. This is a trend which is growing worldwide and is of particular interest to young people, enabling them to have more services in exchange for receiving advertising catered to their interests" said Mariano Scheinsohn, Value Added Manager of Claro.

Added MyScreen CEO Maurizio Angelone: "MyScreen is proud of our partnership with Claro and América Móvil and looks forward to meeting the Argentinean consumer demand for better access and closer interaction with their favorite brands. Claro is among many companies recognizing the value of the new advertising channel that MyScreen is creating, and we are very pleased with the overwhelming positive reception we are receiving from advertisers and consumers in Mexico and Brazil where we have already launched and are generating revenue."

Major brands joining the launch with Claro and MyScreen in Argentina include: Samsung Electronics, Easy, Hoytos Cinema, Unilever, Yellow Pages, General Motors, DIA%, Citibank and MacStation.

With MyScreen's unique business model, every advertising dollar is shared between MyScreen, network operators, end subscribers and advertising agencies. "This way, all partners are incentivized to participate and help grow the mobile advertising channel," Angelone said.

MyScreen's technology differs from the other mobile advertising vehicles that are currently available, as MyScreen's ads are:

    -  Full-screen, visually engaging graphics that convey the advertisers'
       brand image
    -  Delivered in a non-shared advertising environment that provides brand
       exclusivity. MyScreen ads are delivered at the end of every call and
       offer better visibility than SMS texts or banner ads.
    -  Designed to enable consumers to respond directly to the ads with
       MyScreen's proprietary "ad value hot keys" functionality. MyScreen ads
       have generated click thru rates (CTR's) that exceeded 20 percent.
       MyScreen greatly outperforms Internet CTR's, which are widely known to
       average less than 1 percent. According to the latest industry data,
       the average CTR is only .1 percent.
    -  Individually targeted to match each subscriber's self-created
       demographic and psychographic profiles, making the ads highly relevant
       to their unique interests and lifestyles
    -  Incentive-based, with subscribers accumulating reward points for every
       ad they view on their phones. Points are redeemed in the form of free
       and bonus telecom services provided by the operator. Exclusive
       "made-for-MyScreen" offers, such as free trial products or special
       promotional pricing, are provided by participating advertisers.

Moreover, MyScreen's mobile advertising solution is designed to integrate seamlessly without interrupting users' regular call behaviors. Subscribers choose the type of content and ads they receive from categories such as sports, entertainment, lifestyle and health. Advertisers can use MyScreen's unique "ad value hot keys" to raise brand awareness, launch products and services, promote special offers, generate traffic to retail locations, improve customer loyalty and drive sales. MyScreen has secured agreements with operators who currently have 182 million mobile subscribers under contract and expects that number to increase significantly during the next 12 months.


CLARO has the largest and most extensive network of 3G technology extended throughout Argentina and reaching more than 450 cities of the 21 inland provinces. CLARO Argentina is the leader in mobile communication. It has the largest GSM and 3G cellular coverage in Argentina. It is 100% subsidiary of America Movil S.A. de C.V. BMV: AMX(NYSE: AMX, NASDAQ: AMOV, LATIBEX: XAMXL). América Movil is he leading provider of wireless services in Latin America with operations in 18 countries in America and 201 million subscribers. America Movil operates under Claro brand in 14 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Jamaica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Honduras. Also part of America Móvil are trademarks Tracfone US, Porta in Ecuador, Comcel in Colombia, and Telcel in Mexico.

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MyScreen (Pink Sheets: MYSL) (Frankfurt: WICI) is a first-of-a-kind mobile advertising technology platform that provides advertisers with a new channel for reaching consumers. Its unique patent-pending technology delivers full-screen, incentive-based ads directly to the mobile phones of opt-in subscribers. The visually engaging ads target subscribers based on their demographic and psychographic profiles and provide them with rewards such as free services, special offers and discounts. As mobile innovators, MyScreen has forged extensive advertiser and operator relationships and functions as an industry advocate. Through its mobile marketing consultancy, the MyScreen Agency, the company collaborates with traditional ad agencies and brand advertisers to optimize their mobile advertising programs. For more information, visit

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