MySecuritySign Unveils Pet Abandonment Signs

Sign Company Responds to Animal Rights Issue with New Signs

Aug 26, 2013, 09:26 ET from MySecuritySign

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MySecuritySign has launched a new line of pet abandonment signs. These products are intended for areas where pet owners commonly abandon their animals. The signs inform individuals of local laws and can be customized with local shelter numbers.

The signs are available in three standard formats. All three warn against the illegality of abandoning animals and of the consequences for those who do. They are available in safety orange, black-and-white, and yellow featuring a "security notice."

Additionally, there are six customizable sign options. The signs come in three different shapes and a range of colors. The signs can be customized to match the look of a particular neighborhood or gated community.

Blair Brewster, CEO of SmartSign, said, "Pet abandonment is a sad reality, and these signs help protect both animals and property owners. They warn potential abandoners of the serious legal and moral consequences of abandoning a domestic animal. And by providing local shelter contact information, these signs can encourage a more humane option."

"PIGS Animal Sanctuary houses both domestic and farm animals. Because our animals live out their lives with us, we have limited amount of space to take in new animals. Over the years, we've had a major problem of people dumping their animals (and their responsibility) at our gates," said, Melissa Susko, Executive Director of PIGS Animal Sanctuary. "Too many animals are abandoned at other animal care facilities or alongside a country road with no way to fend for themselves. After much discussion and research, we decided to post Animal Abandonment signs along our fence-line and gates. We were thankful to MySecuritySign for designing signs for us. Since posting the signs, we have had no animals abandoned on our property!"

MySecuritySign has over 5,000 different security signs.

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MySecuritySign is a Brooklyn based company that produces security signage. The company's mission is to make signs and labels as effective as possible in order to provide greater protection and security to individuals.  Customers can choose from over 5,000 different security signs. There are also customizable templates that allow for individualized text.  MySecuritySign is part of the SmartSign family.

About PIGS Animal Sanctuary

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