n-tech Research Announces Release of Two New Smart Materials Related White Papers

Nov 18, 2015, 15:13 ET from n-tech Research

GLEN ALLEN, Va., Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Industry analyst firm n-tech Research has announced the release of two new white papers that are available for download from the firm's website.  The papers address opportunities for smart materials, coatings and surfaces within the construction and automotive sectors.  They are drawn from the firm's extensive research into the growing smart materials business.   There is no cost to access the papers.

n-tech Research is a leading provider of industry analysis of market opportunities from advances in highly functional materials.

Smart Materials in the Automotive Sector:

In this white paper n-tech examines the opportunities for adopting smart surfaces and coatings in the automotive industry.  Some smart materials already have established a foothold in automotive, primarily self-dimming mirrors. n-tech sees even more potential elsewhere, in areas such as self-cleaning and self-healing, for both glass and non-glass interior and exterior surfaces—and especially in multifunctional complementary combinations that can provide even more value (and command premium pricing).

Smart surfaces, materials and coatings already offer capabilities such as self-dimming, self-cleaning, self-healing, etc. and these provide numerous functional benefits to the automotive industry: improved asset life, limited corrosion damage, and reduced maintenance and overall cost of ownership.

The potential aesthetic and comfort/style advantages that smart materials provide are at least as important as the functional ones. Car manufacturers always have competed for final customers on the basis of aesthetics and user comfort. This is important because certain types (and combinations) of smart materials and surfaces will rely heavily on selling an aesthetic appeal or heightened level of comfort.

Beyond such generalities, any analysis in this space needs to consider three specific opportunities: automotive glass, interior surfaces and exterior surfaces.

The paper can be accessed via: http://ntechresearch.com/images/uploads/Automotive_Smart_Materials.pdf

Smart Materials in the Construction Sector:

Smart materials, surfaces and coatings that respond to external stimuli to deliver specific "intelligent" functions—self-dimming, self-healing, self-cleaning, etc.—are increasingly being adopted across major industries. Among those n-tech Research views with the highest commercial potential is construction, both because many of them fit well across several building applications, and because immense surfaces are involved.

Numerous products with such smart materials functionalities already are commercially available, from self-dimming and self-cleaning glass to self-healing paints and antimicrobial coatings. We expect further penetration of such products and capabilities—and especially their evolution into products combining complementary smart functions, such as self-cleaning smart windows.

In this white paper n-tech analyzes the different use cases and motivations for adopting smart materials in construction and buildings, defining where, why, and when these technologies and products will present revenue opportunities in this market.

The paper can be access via http://ntechresearch.com/images/uploads/SCconstruction.pdf

About n-tech Research:

n-tech Research is the rebrand of NanoMarkets. The firm tracks and analyzes emerging markets in energy, electronics, durable goods and other areas created by developments in smart materials. Visit us at http://www.ntechresearch.com .

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