N-Viro Fuel™ Mobile Energy System in Route for Renewable Energy Production

Oct 11, 2010, 06:00 ET from N-Viro International Corporation

TOLEDO, Ohio, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- N-Viro International Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: NVIC) announced today the N-Viro Fuel™ mobile energy system for production of N-Viro Fuel™ is in transit.  The initial project phase includes delivery of the portable unit to our permitted site in Western Pennsylvania.  N-Viro crews expect to complete assembly promptly.

The actual project started last year with design, permitting and equipment purchases.  The mobile system is the first of its kind to produce N-Viro Fuel™ for co-fire testing at power generation stations.  The portable system has the capability to produce alternative fuel where needed, and can operate at multiple facilities in different states where development efforts have been underway.

According to Dr. Terry Logan, "The project is not only viable but the most ecologically aware use of wastewater residuals."  Dr. Logan is an expert in environmental conservation and a significant participant in the invention and development of the N-Viro Fuel™ energy system.

Timothy R. Kasmoch, CEO and President of N-Viro International, had these remarks, "Our N-Viro Fuel™ mobile unit is a financially feasible way to prove the technology quickly and efficiently.  The goal is rapid development of N-Viro Fuel™."

About N-Viro International (www.nviro.com)

N-Viro International Corporation is an environmental and materials handling company that owns significant patented technologies to convert various residual bio-organics into renewable fuel.  N-Viro Fuel™ has received alternative energy status from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which qualifies the technology for renewable energy incentives.  Two manufacturing facilities currently use advanced treatment for management of wastewater residuals.  Both facilities are in full-scale operation producing considerable volumes of N-Viro Soil for a variety of customers.

N-Viro maintains a company website www.nviro.com and a company blog site http://nvirointerational.wordpress.com where interested parties can follow the progress of the Company.  N-Viro will continue to post press releases on the company website and a discussion forum on the company blog site.  We encourage stockholders and interested parties to monitor the site on a regular basis.  

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