NAPCO Security Technologies Provides Back to School Security Checklist for School Administrators

Offers School Access-Control Vulnerability Index (S.A.V.I™) Audit Process as a Solution to Protect Schools

Jul 28, 2015, 08:30 ET from NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.

NEW YORK, July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSSC), one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-technology electronic security, connected home, video, fire alarm, access control and door-locking systems, announces its commitment to developing innovative security solutions to promote safe, secure learning environments for our nation's students and educational staff. The Company also provides back to school security advice, along with its School Access-Control Vulnerability Index (S.A.V.I.™), which evaluates any school's access control vulnerability and creates a plan of actionable next-steps for improvement.

As administrators, students and staff return to schools and campuses, security remains top of mind, and tragic recent events have illustrated security must be of the utmost priority for all schools and institutions.

"As a leader in the critical effort to protect our schools, NAPCO has implemented security systems in more than 500 schools, colleges and universities nationwide," Richard Soloway, NAPCO's President and CEO stated. "Research by Everytown for Gun Safety reports that since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 128 school shootings in the U.S. — an average of nearly one a week. These senseless acts of violence can be dramatically reduced by more effective plans, access control and security platforms at our schools and campuses."

Mr. Soloway provides this vital school security checklist to implement to help ensure the safety of students and staff: 

  1. Teach children and teachers what to do in emergency situations. School security and natural disaster drills can be taught at the same time as fire drill instruction.
  2. Teach children to use planned evacuation routes and to go to safe areas, if possible.
  3. Distribute ID badges or register credentials for all permanent, official school teachers, staff, and students. These credentials can range from an ID card with mag-stripe or proximity encoding, to more sophisticated biometric entry readers which compare an entrant's fingerprint, hand geometry or retinal scan to one stored on file within the access control system's database of authorized personnel.
  4. Maintain only one main reception entrance which should be staffed with trained personnel. Require mandatory guest registration, including the guest's name, with whom they are meeting and duration of visit.
  5. Door alarms, such as the Alarm Lock PG-Series Advanced Audible/Visual Door Alarm, should be used to protect every access/exit door, to prevent students on the inside, from letting unauthorized or unscreened visitors and/or weapons or contraband in. Pairs of door alarms can be used to protect sets of double doors, as are common on emergency exits in school campuses.
  6. Keep school doors closed and locked from the outside at all times during the school day. Access control door locks like Trilogy Networx™ provide global lockdown solutions. These wireless network locking systems secure classrooms, offices and common areas, provide real-time global lockdown in less than 10 seconds, and activate from the server or any individual access lock.
  7. Implement a visitor badge system to track ALL visitors and service people. Whether it's a wearable "Visitors Sticker" that fades in a given time period or a physical badge which is only temporarily valid for a particular duration of time, per the school's access system's scheduling program, a specific program must be in place and security staff must be trained to screen all atypical personnel in the premises.
  8. Implement closed circuit security TV surveillance throughout the building, including perimeter/exterior coverage, utilizing solutions like the Continental Access 3000 video integration system that provides remote system management over standard web browsers. Have the footage monitored live by security staff, and captured in a time/date-stamped recording for archival review, as needed.
  9. Have open communication with local police departments. The principal of the school should ensure that local police and fire departments have been to the school prior to any emergency to know the layout of the facility. It is recommended this is completed twice a school year.
  10. Number all outside doors which enter the school building. In an emergency, police and fire department personnel will be able to quickly locate an area and respond.

"We encourage schools to download NAPCO's School Access-Control Vulnerability Index (S.A.V.I™) whitepaper which brings together findings from a variety of general and school security experts. S.A.V.I. helps evaluate and grade a schools' and campus' current security and points to specific areas for improvement, in an instructional, brand-agnostic, electronic format," said Soloway. "Our mission is to build a specialized, national security association with members from educational organizations and security companies. NAPCO provides hundreds of educational facilities across the country with state-of-the-art security products and solutions, and it is our goal to revert our schools back to the educational safe havens that they once were."

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