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The art of tattoo preservation is still available and active, just taking on a different form.

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CLEVELAND, Dec. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- After launching last fall, The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA), the first of its kind association to preserve tattoos on such a mass scale, is changing its focus. NAPSA will now aim to work exclusively with funeral homes, and other like-minded organizations, to offer the ability to preserve a loved ones tattoo, while the website itself will remain as and continue to be a community for tattoo enthusiasts serving up exclusive content, artwork, artists recognition and more for the millions of tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.

"We are still fully capable and committed to preserving people's tattoos and stories – that has not and will not change," explains Charles Hamm, chairman of the board and NAPSA executive director. "The positive coverage, attention and interest we received during our launch exceeded all expectations. However, it became clear early on that the membership model we established wasn't working for people. In other words, people genuinely loved the idea of tattoo preservation, but when you're young, you're not thinking about death let alone preparing for it. So the idea of saving a little bit each year to prepare for something likely decades away just wasn't working. And we can fully appreciate that."

Based on initial findings and customer requests, the internal team decided to change its business model and re-launch in a way that was more user-friendly and resonates with the tattoo community at large.

"At the time of our initial launch, we were hearing from funeral homes all across the country that this was something people were asking them about and something they would be very interested in learning more about and ideally offering," added Hamm. "So it became very apparent to us that to keep the idea of preservation alive, it made the most sense to shift our focus to working with funeral homes and offer this service to people when they are preparing for the end and to help fulfill any final wishes. And we are actively working on this piece now and hope to have it all solidified early next year. And then on a daily basis, we'll continue to serve the greater tattoo community at large by providing the best possible tattoo content around and keep the community alive and well at"

For all those that have registered with NAPSA to preserve their tattoo, they will receive a full refund, plus an additional convenience bonus for any inconvenience.

"We are so unbelievably grateful to all those who have supported us – and continue to support us," adds Hamm. "Our goal is still the same today as it was when we launched, to offer anyone who may want it the ability to preserve their beloved skin art and pass on these treasured stories to their loved ones. We have the utmost respect for this community and these works of art and will continue to support the art, artists and tattoo preservation."

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Contact:  Michelle Venorsky