NARR8 Collaborates with Author Vadim Panov to Adapt Bestselling Russian Book Series

Nov 29, 2012, 12:15 ET from NARR8

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- NARR8, a new digital entertainment start-up, announces today that famed science fiction and fantasy writer Vadim Panov is joining NARR8 to create a new series adapted from his popular Russian fantasy novel series "The Secret City."  NARR8 is a free application available worldwide for the iPad© and iPad© Mini that delivers fresh episodic series in the form of motion comics, interactive novels, and nonfiction articles. Best known for his work on "The Secret City", Panov has sold over 5 million books and won the prestigious "Fantasy Writer of the Year" bestseller award twice at RosCon, the largest event for fantasy writers and literary agents presented by leading Russian publishing house Exmo.

"When I was faced with the prospect of working with NARR8, I was thrilled. The idea of the platform is unique as it combines the growing and dynamic digital content space with books and comics. I'm excited to explore such a new territory and I look forward to seeing how NARR8 makes my stories come alive," said Vadim Panov.

Panov began writing this urban fantasy series in 2001. "The Secret City" consists of 15 novels and two collections of short stories created by both Panov and his fans via a special contest. In "The Secret City," magical races of gnomes, elves, witches, and vampires thrived until humanity sought to wipe them out. As humanity began to kill them off, these magical beings went into hiding. Meanwhile, humanity built an entire city over this conquered land to develop technology and urban culture. In this adapted series, the story of "The Secret City" is one of epic war between these strange enchanted creatures and humans that takes place in New York.

The new series will debut this December. Marking the first time that NARR8 produces a licensed series based on an existing intellectual property, this exciting new project will be led by Midian Studio, creator of "Fear Hunters". Midian Studio will work closely with the author and combine motion comic-style dialogue, animations, gorgeous graphics, and interactive game features with Panov's thrilling tale.

"We started producing the series with great enthusiasm because of the interesting idea, exciting story, charisma of the characters, lively universe, and great humor! We are sure that it will be a great read for our readers and users," said Midian Studio.

"We chose 'The Secret City' because Vadim Panov is one of the most popular Russian sci-fi and fantasy authors out there. The dynamic narrative of his books is a perfect fit for NARR8 because we can bring them to life with animations and special effects," explained NARR8 founder Alexander Vaschenko. "And by the way, I'm a big fan of Panov's printed work myself, so I'm delighted that we can present his stories in an entirely new, entirely digital way this December."

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