Nashville - Based MyPro Trumps Silicon Valley Tech Giants

Oct 20, 2015, 14:38 ET from MyPro

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/-- "If Instagram, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon had a baby, it would be MyPro," states Andrew McGarry, CEO and founder.

MyPro's website,, and mobile apps provide a new platform where content hungry consumers can be inspired and entertained by celebrity superstars of sports and entertainment as well as members of the general public that desire to share their talent, wisdom or knowledge with the world.

MyPro permits anyone to immediately establish an account and subscription channel without any start up costs or fees. The content provider can use their phone, tablet or computer to film content and upload it to their MyPro channel. Content providers can set their own subscription rates and also maintain total artistic control and complete ownership of the content they upload. In addition to the subscription channel, content providers can also upload and sell their videos, music and films. MyPro and the content providers split the gross revenue generated from all sales, with 45% to 70% paid to the content provider depending on the product sold.

Content providers can also upload pictures on their channel page to share with their followers. MyPro permits the free viewing of the first thirty seconds of all video content after viewing an ad. In the near future, MyPro will allow users to earn 50% of all ad revenue generated from their channel. Impressively, content providers are paid 50% to 100% of their earnings immediately upon purchase and are provided with real time analytics detailing sales, earnings, and user activity on their channel page.   

"MyPro is the most robust digital platform ever created. It combines social media, content delivery, consumer and advertising based revenue and product sales, in the most intuitive compelling landscape to date," McGarry asserts.

MyPro celebrities include Olympic Gold Medalists SCOTT HAMILTON and JACKIE JOYNER-KERSEE, the #1 ranked LPGA Woman's Golfer, LYDIA KO, Detroit Pistons center, ANDRE DRUMMOND, CARRIE UNDERWOOD'S Guitarist/Songwriter, SHAWN TUBBS, Grammy Winner, ISRAEL HOUGHTON, former LADY GAGA'S Bassist and Band Leader, KERN BRANTLEY, JENNIFER LOPEZ'S Bassist and Music Director, BRYAN SIONO, and Nationally renowned Pitching and Quarterback coach TOM HOUSE.

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