Nastel Celebrates 20 Years in Business, Applying Real-time Analytics to Monitoring Healthcare and Financial Regulation

APM analytics solutions provider helps healthcare industry monitor electronic health records mandate and releases first Dodd-Frank compliance tool for financial industry

Jan 30, 2014, 12:13 ET from Nastel Technologies

MELVILLE, N.Y., Jan. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Nastel Technologies, a global provider of application performance monitoring (APM) solutions with real-time analytics, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in business this year. Nastel achieved significant expansion in the healthcare industry by helping Healthcare IT ensure the performance of  new electronic health record and claims processing systems as providers and payers transition from paper to digital processes. In addition, Nastel became the first APM provider to offer the finance industry a solution for real-time compliance monitoring of Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting.   

The chosen APM solution for over 200 Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations, Nastel AutoPilot has earned a reputation for helping companies significantly reduce the frequency and duration of costly application outages. Focused on middleware-centric enterprises, the technology uses analytics via Complex Event Processing (CEP) to evaluate situations called "business views" rather than individual events. This approach can infer a root-cause from multiple events thus delivering meaningful alerts at the same time avoiding false alarms.

With AutoPilot's real-time analytics, IT specialists receive alerts in-time to address the root cause of problems before users are affected. 

Throughout 2013, demand for Nastel AutoPilot was particularly strong in the healthcare industry where healthcare payers, including members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, are using the APM solution to monitor new electronic health records (EHR) and claims processing systems.

The healthcare industry's transition to electronic systems has been spurred by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which requires private and public healthcare providers to implement EHR systems before 2015 in order to avoid penalties. Providers that fail to comply will experience a 1% reduction in Medicare reimbursements, and the penalty rate will escalate by 1% each year thereafter.

"The fast, mandated shift to electronic records and claims processing is placing a tremendous load on IT systems and a greater expectation of immediacy," said Charley Rich, VP Product Management & Marketing at Nastel. "IT departments in the healthcare industry are relying on AutoPilot to ensure maximum performance and availability across multiple applications, correlating the alerts from multiple event sources into an actionable, situational analysis. AutoPilot's real-time analytics and end-to-end coverage have become critical to maintaining HIPAA compliance and safeguarding the transfer of sensitive patient data in this environment."

Nastel also released the first solution that monitors in real-time, Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting compliance. AutoPilot for Dodd-Frank ensures that the business in trading organizations is notified immediately about actual or potential breaches in responsibility. The solution uses real-time analytics to track the reportable lifecycle of a trade so errors and inefficiencies can be corrected immediately.

"As European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and other reporting regulations follow Dodd-Frank, trading institutions will need a way to monitor compliance of transactions that cross multiple regulatory jurisdictions," said Charley Rich. "AutoPilot is the first APM solution prepared to handle this complexity and manage compliance for global trading organizations."

In 2013, Nastel was named to ITOA50, which acknowledges the 50 leading vendors in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). The company was recognized for its leadership in applying analytics automation to incident management processes. The ranking was announced by ITOA Landscape, a leading source of information on the ITOA industry.

"Performance and compliance issues have the potential to make headlines and cost companies enormous sums of money," said  Charley Rich, "Growing demand for Nastel AutoPilot shows how much companies value the ability to detect and address IT and compliance issues without a 'war room' meeting or public exposure. In 2014, our goal is to help more and more enterprises prevent rather than react to tech crises."

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