National, Multi-Generational Study of 800 Women Reveals How They Are Recalibrating the American Dream

What's replaced the quest for fame, fortune, knights in shining armor and white picket fences, and what does it mean for American businesses?

Jun 20, 2011, 09:35 ET from WomanWise

MINNEAPOLIS, June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As we struggle with global conflict, economic uncertainty and bloated personal debt, is it really true that the American Dream – our Founding Fathers' vision for "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" – is slipping away? Maybe not. A new multi-generational study of 800 women across the U.S. reveals that the dream has not gone away, but it has changed.

"We're at a major turning point. We examined American women's attitudes and behaviors because women drive our economy. What we uncovered will help companies find meaningful business and marketing opportunities," explains Dori Molitor, CEO of WomanWise (, the insight consulting firm that commissioned this study.

Exchanging fame and fortune for purpose and meaning

Results of the study show that women's perspectives about what's important in life have changed across all age groups. "Women are recalibrating the American Dream – back to what it meant at its origins. Over the years as a nation, we got sidetracked by a sense of entitlement. In this study, we found that the American Dream has evolved to once again be much more about the pursuit of happiness and personal choice," says Molitor. "We're returning to the values of our forefathers."

Insights revealed in this WomanWise study include:

  1. The white picket fence has vanished. Women today are more realistic and less idealistic. Visions of the classic suburban home, 2.5 kids and being financially supported by a successful husband are a thing of the past.
  2. A sense of humanity prevails. The world has been spinning out of control and women are taking responsibility for making it a better place. She's re-setting the moral compass, and her need for giving back and being socially responsible has never been stronger.
  3. The freedom to choose. Individuality reigns. Society no longer dictates how women should live their lives. Women of all ages feel they can have it all.

Other intriguing questions answered in this study include:

  • What gives today's women the most personal fulfillment?
  • How do faith and spirituality factor into women's lives today?
  • How is social media affecting women's influence over corporate America?
  • What has become most women's number one priority?
  • What is the opportunity for brands today given women's recalibration of the American Dream?

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Dori Molitor is the driving force behind WomanWise, A WatersMolitor Company. A veteran consumer goods marketer, Dori began her career at General Mills working across the Big G and Betty Crocker brand portfolios. Today, her firm's diverse client experience includes a long roster of Fortune 500 brands. Dori's passion for women's issue took root in 1976 when she worked for the United States Congress as a Legislative Assistant on women's issues. Today she's a sought out leader for her vision and expertise to tap the subconscious behavioral drivers that create emotional connections between brands and women.

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