National Patients' Rights Association Continues Growth And Industry Impact, Adds Members

Takes Lead On Advocacy for HB 4271

Mar 28, 2013, 17:00 ET from National Patients’ Rights Association

DETROIT, March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Patients' Rights Association (NPRA) continues to build on its membership growth and industry impact, taking the lead as the industry's leading advocacy group in support of Michigan HB 4271.

Commonly referred to as "The Provisioning Centers Act," HB 4271 was introduced by State Representative Michael Callton, R-Nashville, to empower local communities within the state to license and regulate provisioning centers while affording the centers protection from interference.

"Our grow­ing mem­ber­ship, industry support and common ground and collaboration with all vested parties, reaf­firms that the NPRA is truly the col­lec­tive voice of our indus­try and deliver strong value for our mem­bers," said National Patients' Rights Association spokesman Drew Driver. "While our members drive the organization, our mission is to advocate on behalf of all medical marijuana patients and ultimately help protect each and every one of them."

Continued dialogue and outreach fuels growth

NPRA leaders and association members recently traveled to the state capitol to meet with lawmakers and hosted a special lunch for legislators. The event afforded the coalition an opportunity to discuss HB 4271 with numerous state representatives, senators and staff.

The group recently accomplished a similar objective on March 16, hosting a private gala in Ann Arbor on March 16, connecting the industry's leading advocates, business owners, professional service providers, and governmental officials. The candid discussion focused on how the organization can collectively work together under a unified banner to seek passage of HB 4271.

Other recent activities spearheaded by the NPRA include:

  • Town-hall-style meetings throughout the state
  • Outreach to patients and residents in a range of individual communities
  • Ongoing conversation with local officials, state legislators, and law enforcement
  • Active participation in industry trade events
  • Speaking out in the public arena and in the news media
  • Help with empowering patients and caregivers to voice their own personal concerns through social and political action

"I am pleased to see the industry unite to express genuine care and concern for patient rights, which include safe and secure access to their medicine," said Representative Callton. "The NPRA has become an invaluable resource in helping make safe access of medical marijuana in Michigan a reality. My concern from the start has been that cancer patients and others won't have access to the drug without dispensaries.  A vast number of the state's 125,000 medical-marijuana users can't grow their own medicine and there aren't enough caregivers to grow it for them. Patients will be forced to go underground to find medical marijuana, or they go without their medicine." 

The NPRA is backed by patients, caregivers, businesses and a range of other supporters.  Collectively, the coalition is working to broaden awareness, reach legislators in a targeted manner, and help mobilize patients and caregivers affected by current and proposed medical marijuana laws.  An ongoing objective of the coalition is a push for definitive regulation in terms of standardization — ranging from safety and storage needs, document management requirements, privacy, and overall industry standards, regulation and procedures.

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