National Pre-Election Poll Predicts Republican Blowout

Oct 27, 2010, 18:48 ET from The Free Enterprise Nation

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A national pre-election survey of 14,000 likely voters has led the pollsters to conclude that Republicans and independents will participate in a massive turnout on November 2, resulting in a Republican avalanche.

The poll was conducted by the non-partisan group, The Free Enterprise Nation (FEN) from Thursday, October 21st until Wednesday, October 27th, and was widely advertised and open to anyone in the nation who wished to take it. James MacDougald, president of FEN, announced that the poll results were unexpected.  "We had always believed that independents' represented 20% of the electorate, but we found that 33% of voters who took our poll refer to themselves as 'independent.' More surprising to us was that when we graphed the independents' answers to key questions, their opinions were often indistinguishable from those of the Republican respondents."

MacDougald reported that voters of both major parties as well as independents agreed that the single most pressing issue facing the U.S. is unemployment.  When asked to select from five choices: Unemployment, Federal Deficit, Healthcare Reform, Social Issues, or the war in Afghanistan, the majority chose unemployment as the leading issue of the day.  There was also common ground among all poll participants when asked, "Are you financially better off than you were last year?"  with less than 14% answering that question "Yes."  But the hope for finding additional common ground quickly eroded when FEN analysts found that the poll showed some other significant results, including the fact that 75% of independent and 95% of Republican voters favor the repeal of the recently enacted health care reform legislation, while 82% of Democrats oppose it.  

The survey resulted in higher-than-expected participation by voters over the age of 50, the vast majority of whom described themselves as Independent or Republican. "What is really remarkable," said MacDougald, "is that this election is beginning to look like the opposite of 2008.  With this poll, we saw a very high degree of participation by the age group that is 50 or over, and very low participation by those under 35.  We believe that these levels of participation will be mirrored at the polls next Tuesday."  "There are 100 million voters over the age of 50," MacDougald added, "and according to our poll the majority call themselves independent or Republican, and they plan to vote next Tuesday."

The FEN poll shows that when asked, "Who is most responsible for the current weak economy?" 89% of Democrats blame "President Bush," "big corporations" and "Wall Street."  In answer to the same question, 68% of independents and 95% of Republicans blamed "President Obama" and "Congress." "The problem for Democrats is that Bush, Wall Street, and big corporations are not on the ballot next Tuesday, but Congress is. And that's bad news for the Democrats," according to MacDougald.

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The Free Enterprise Nation is a non-partisan member based organization representing American employees and businesses in the private sector.  Its President, James MacDougald, is author of the newly released best selling title, UNSUSTAINABLE: How Big Government, Taxes and Debt are Wrecking America.  Mr. MacDougald is a regular guest on many national news networks including CNBC, FOX News, CNN and MSNBC and was recently prominently featured in the John Stossel special, The Battle for the Future. 

SOURCE The Free Enterprise Nation