National Summit examines tightly held beliefs about Israel on March 7

Mar 04, 2014, 09:00 ET from Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy

WASHINGTON, March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The March 7 National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" at the National Press Club ballroom will present the following panel presentations:

1. How does the Israel lobby influence Congress?  9:00 AM

Paul Findley - Should the executive outmaneuver Congress to save Palestine and Israel?

Janet McMahon - The Israel lobby network and coordinated PACs that finance U.S. elections.

Cynthia McKinney - In the Israel lobby's cross-hairs.

Delinda Hanley - U.S. aid to Israel in numbers.

2. Does Israel and its lobby exercise too much influence on U.S. decisions to wage war in the Middle East? 10:15 AM

Stephen Sniegoski - Neoconservatives and the Iraq War.

Karen Kwiatkowski - Inside the Pentagon's "Office of Special Plans."

Gareth Porter - The "manufactured crisis" and drive for U.S. / Israel military actions against Iran.

Brigadier General (ret) James J. David - How does U.S. military aid to Israel impact relations with other U.S. allies?

3. Does the "special relationship" transcend rule of law? 11:15 AM

Grant F. Smith - A brief history of unprosecuted Israeli foreign agent, smuggling and espionage cases.

Ernie Gallo - The U.S.S Liberty: what really happened? What did not?

Mark Perry - Mossad poses as CIA? No-holds-barred national security reporting in the current environment.

M.E. "Spike" Bowman - The Jonathan Pollard Affair: what does it mean and what does it not mean?

4. History: How did the "special relationship" come to be? 12:45 PM

Stephen Walt - The "special relationship" and what has changed since publication of "The Israel Lobby" book

Geoffrey Wawro- Key findings from the book "Quicksand" and what happens to historians who revise history.

John Quigley - 1967, international law and cost of U.S. support for the occupation.

Alison Weir - Findings from the new book "Against Our Better Judgment"

5. Has the lobby captured political parties and news media? 2:15 PM

Jeff Blankfort - Are there Israel lobby gatekeepers and damage control squads on the Left?

Allen Brownfeld - The ACJ and battles over Zionism inside Jewish social welfare organizations.

Justin Raimondo - Has the Israel lobby captured the Right?

Scott McConnell - Did Neoconservatives take over GOP foreign policy?

Philip Weiss - What is changing in "permissible" mainstream public debate—and what is not?

6. Is Israel really a U.S. ally? 3:45 PM

Michael Scheuer - Does U.S. support for Israel expose America to blowback?

Paul Pillar - Are threats to Israel's security inflated to justify occupation and U.S. support?

Ray McGovern - Does Israel act like a U.S. ally?

Philip Giraldi - Is Israel a U.S. ally?

Speaker biographies are available at Online registration for the program and lunch at closes March 6.  Same-day registration is available on a limited first-come, first-served basis beginning at 8AM on the 13th floor of the National Press Club. 

National Summit organizers are the Council for the National Interest FoundationIf Americans KnewInstitute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, and the American Educational Trust, publisher of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

SOURCE Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy