National Survey Reveals Decline in Style

Fashionable Wine Brand Ecco Domani® Champions a Style Revival

Jan 03, 2013, 09:00 ET from Ecco Domani Wines of Italy

MODESTO, Calif., Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a national survey conducted by on behalf of Ecco Domani® Wines of Italy, wine-drinking American adults surveyed believe style, in its myriad forms, is on the decline. And while many lament that style is slipping, the survey also revealed an interesting paradox: although most aspire to be stylish, respondents are not making the easy upgrades needed to incorporate style into their day-to-day lives.

The essence of wine is inherently stylish—its refined nature can elevate any casual occasion with minimal effort. Because of this, chic Italian wine brand Ecco Domani is aiming to spark conversations around the state of style today, and show how bringing style back in modern ways can be as simple as uncorking a bottle of wine. The effort includes a campaign across print, digital and social platforms to suggest and celebrate the small, stylish touches that make all the difference.

Bring Style Back
At the foundation of its findings, the Ecco Domani survey revealed most respondents agree the previous generation lived more stylishly than their own. Additionally, most agree the generation following their own exhibits even less style in the measured areas, contributing to the slip:

  • 79% of respondents agree there has been a decline in manners and etiquette over the past few decades, and 65% of respondents agree generations younger than their own generally have poor manners
  • 46% of respondents agree their parents' generation put more effort into entertaining guests than they currently do
  • 50% of respondents agree their parents' generation invested more time in their fashion choices and grooming habits than they currently do

According to the survey, most participants yearn for an improvement in their own or others' manners and etiquette, entertaining practices and personal appearance:

  • 79% of those surveyed wish better manners were a priority as in previous generations
  • 62% of respondents wish they entertained more often
  • 61% of participants wish they or others put more effort into maintaining personal appearance

Style Denial
That said, the Ecco Domani survey exposed an unanticipated insight: In reality, most wine-drinking Americans are not altering their day-to-day behavior to match their desire to be as style-wise as their parents' generation was, in terms of manners, entertaining, and fashion and grooming:

  • 46% of men say they never or hardly ever stand up when a lady leaves the table
  • 48% of respondents have not sent a handwritten thank-you note within the past year or ever
  • 57% of respondents do not display a decorative centerpiece when entertaining in their homes

Using the enlightening style survey insights as a guide, Ecco Domani is kicking off a style revival, and encouraging a return to style by showing how it can be classy, contemporary and fun.

"At Ecco Domani, we think style is paying attention to little things; it's not formal or costly—it's wearing lipstick to the grocery store or always bringing a gift to the host and hostess, as was customary in our parents' day," said Molly Davis, Vice President of Marketing for Ecco Domani Wines of Italy. "And because wine has always been associated with effortless elegance—in fact, one in four respondents think it's the wine selection that elevates an occasion from ordinary to extraordinary--Ecco Domani Wines is raising a glass to celebrate the return of style."

To become a part of the style revival, and to gain and give easy tips on how to incorporate style into your day-to-day, visit and

Ecco Domani Wines, which embody style in both look and taste, make any feast a fête. The Ecco Domani portfolio includes Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Merlot and Pinot Noir and can be found at wine retailers nationwide.

An online survey was conducted to collect data regarding style—encompassing manners and etiquette, home entertaining and personal appearance—for this study. An email invitation with an embedded survey link was sent to prospective participants by A total of 1,000 completed surveys were collected. In order to qualify for full participation in the study, respondents needed to be a US resident, between the ages of 25 to 55 and a wine drinker.

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