Native Americans in Ukraine for Spiritual Diplomacy Mission

Jul 19, 2013, 10:58 ET from U.S.-Ukraine Observer

WASHINGTON, July 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is being released by the US-Ukraine Observer:

At the invitation of The Kiev Times and the American Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation, a small delegation of Native Americans from the Sioux Nation, more specifically the Lakota people, and Native Americans living in Hawaii, recently arrived in Kiev. The Sioux Nation was represented by their chief, Joseph Brings Plenty; his son Cole Brings Plenty; and Evelyne Serais, a native of France now living in the United States, who has devoted her life in service to Native Americans. Kaiulani Kahalekai, a princess and spiritual leader of native Hawaiians flew directly from Hawaii to Kiev. Those representing Native Americans were joined in Kiev by the leadership of the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation: Messrs. Mikhail Morgulis, Frank Abernathy, and Mark Bazalev.

The idea behind the trip was to allow Ukrainians and Native Americans to take part in discussions about freedom, keeping in mind the significance that the distinctive English word "FREEDOM" has embedded within it, i.e., total freedom. Native Americans, whose historical path is covered in blood, pain and tears, had to share their concepts of freedom and the price that they had to pay to pursue and realize that freedom. From their respective historical experiences, Native Americans and Ukrainians know that freedom is often paid for in lives. In Ukraine's history, the Cossack movement was key to the struggle for freedom, and freedom-loving representatives of the Zaporizhian Sich participated in that struggle.

Spiritual Diplomacy's President Mikhail Morgulis observed: "We would like Americans to meet Ukraine and her people. It is the people, not just their ambassadors, who represent these two nations. Ukraine is much more than dumplings, pastries and folk dances. Ukraine is a wonderful nation, with a superb culture, a spectacular yet tragic history, and a unique spiritual content. Our Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation, in conjunction with the publishers of The Kiev Times, are designing projects intended to draw our two nations closer together on the basis of shared personal and spiritual values." 

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