Nature's One®: Organic Formula Manufacturer Leads in Eliminating Arsenic

Mar 05, 2013, 09:48 ET from Nature's One

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- February marked the one-year anniversary for two published scientific studies showing nearly all baby foods and infant formulas contain varying levels of arsenic.  These unsettling studies stirred a national controversy calling for increased government regulation to better protect the US food supply.  Nature's One was the first pediatric nutrition company to immediately take action by testing commodity ingredients for arsenic. 

"Analytical testing conducted by independent laboratories validate that arsenic levels in Baby's Only Organic® formulas have always fallen well below World Health Organization proposed CODEX standards," says Jay Highman, CEO of Nature's One, Inc.  "Even so, Nature's One developed new organic-compliant technology that successfully filters and removes inorganic arsenic from brown rice syrup to undetectable levels, far below the standard of 10 parts per billion for drinking water established by the EPA."   

Nature's One also set a bold initiative in 2012 to aggressively test ingredients and its formulas for environmental contaminants and heavy metals. "We established our Pure10 Pledge™ so that parents fully understand our company's commitment to purity," says Highman.  For example, Nature's One rejects algae and fungus oils for DHA and ARA due to hexane processing, refuses to add synthetic nucleotides and genetically modified ingredients, and avoids lower nutritional-quality organic ingredients such as corn syrup (glucose syrup).  "Scientists and government regulators consider environmental pollutants the new frontier for food quality and long-term health; Nature's One is dedicated to lead in these discoveries as well," Highman adds. 

Nature's One knows science and government are just one voice on health and food safety; therefore the company listens to the concerns of consumer advocate groups such as The Cornucopia Institute, Healthy Child Healthy World, and the Feingold® Association. "We are quite pleased Nature's One has invested in technology to ensure the safety of their product," said Mark A. Kastel, Co-Director of The Cornucopia Institute.  "Their toddler formulas currently represent the only marketplace alternative (conventional or organic) for parents who are concerned about formulas that include DHA and ARA from genetically modified organisms."

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