Nature's Variety(R) Declares the Raw Revolution is on at Global Pet Expo With Unveiling of New Look

Nature's Variety Restages Brand in order to 'Empower People to Transform the Lives of Pets'

Mar 24, 2010, 10:00 ET from Nature's Variety

ORLANDO, Fla., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Nature's Variety, the leader in raw frozen pet food, will unveil a new look for its brand at the 2010 Global Pet Expo this week in Orlando, Florida.  The raw frozen pet food category continues to see growth as more and more consumers have seen the benefits of feeding a pure, holistic diet.  Benefits such as healthier skin and coats for pets, smaller and firmer stools, reduced allergy symptoms, weight control, healthier teeth and gums and increased energy for improved health and vitality have been attributed to feeding pets a raw or holistic diet.  

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Leading this trend, Nature's Variety is proudly touting its focus on raw frozen pet food through a new brand platform. Beginning with a brand new, more contemporary brand logo, Nature's Variety has reworked its product packaging and overall brand identity to reflect its new company purpose, "Empowering people to transform the lives of pets."

The new Nature's Variety logo was redesigned to represent the company's personality – created with natural colors, a friendly font, and a circle to symbolize variety and completeness. The new logo will most visibly manifest itself in updated packaging of Nature's Variety's raw, kibble and canned products.  The new packaging is due to hit independent pet food retailers' shelves by mid-May.

But the 2010 Nature's Variety brand restage transcends just new imagery.  As part of their renewed mission, Nature's Variety is introducing several new products, new protein varieties within their existing product lines, and a greater emphasis on consumer education than ever before.  Overall, the effort will be geared at offering pet parents an authoritative, yet approachable, resource for solving many pet health problems with pure nutrition.    

"After having conducted insightful consumer focus groups during the summer of 2009, we were able to better understand what pet parents are looking for from the natural/holistic pet food category," said Reed Howlett, Nature's Variety Chief Executive Officer. "We've taken that input, melded it with our knowledge of nutrition, and translated that idea creatively to deliver a brand platform that addresses those desires.  The end result is something everyone involved in this process is extremely proud of.  Consumers will now be able to quickly determine which Nature's Variety brand is best for them and for their pets."

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Nature's Variety specializes in natural, holistic dog and cat food.  The line of premium products was developed by families who have been practicing sustainable agriculture for more than 140 years, raising quality livestock and growing crops in America's heartland.  Nature's Variety offers the purest forms of pet nutrition – including a wide variety of protein choices in every pet food form (raw frozen diets, dry kibble diets, canned diets, and treats).  For more information about Nature's Variety, visit

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