Naughty America Launches 4K (UHD) Content For Consumers

Jan 13, 2014, 07:00 ET from Naughty America

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Our aim is to make your fantasy a reality. To do this, Naughty America lives on the leading edge of technology.

After reviewing the 4k products displayed at CES Andreas Hronopoulos commented, "Consumer grade UHD or, as we prefer, 4k, is quickly becoming affordable and after an amazing showing at CES 2014 we are very excited about the future."

As noted by the Wall Street Journal in their article Naughty America in Ultra High Definition and Gawker's article 4k UHD Porn is Coming, Naughty America is heavily invested in the 4k technology.

Those interested in a truly fantastic UHD experience can connect 4k capable computers directly to their 4k televisions and watch our Safe-For-Work trailer at Please keep in mind that in order to get the full viewing experience you will need a very powerful computer; Your current system may not be able to handle the data.

To the early adopters with 4k televisions and the necessary theater equipment we would love to hear from you! We need more feedback on our product. We have already heard back from a few users and we are making the necessary changes. Please send us model information on your theater system and we will give you privileged content to review. Bloggers and technology enthusiasts are also welcomed to review our privileged content and encouraged to submit feedback.

Other interested parties can contact us at the email address below if they are in need of 4k content and a massive international user base.

We are ready. We have the content and we know the demand is there. Find Your Fantasy; we want to hear from you!

For all inquiries, please email:


SOURCE Naughty America