NE-TIGER 2011 Hua Fu Collection Fashion Show

Hua Fu Handed Down From Generation to Generation

Oct 26, 2010, 12:08 ET from NE-TIGER

BEIJING, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On the evening of October 25, in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel, China's leading luxury fashion brand NE-TIGER presented its 2011 Fashion Show of Haute Couture Collection of Hua Fu (Chinese national dress) line in a stunningly extravagant style, giving the worldwide fashion representatives an unparalleled visual feast of Hua Fu. This is the ninth time in a row that NE-TIGER has raised the curtain of China International Fashion Week.

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On the site of the Fashion Show, NE-TIGER once again joined forces with the world's top, light-shadow special effects production and stage design team to energetically create a magnificent epic vision: the beginning of the history was followed by wind, thunder, rain and lightening, with sun, moon and stars shining in the air and five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) generated and restricted on the stage floor, intertwined with sexagenary cycle (Jiazi, a cycle of sixty years) reincarnation, and with it, the lunisolar calendar emerged in great splendor. Coming out of the fantastic colors and phantasmagoric lamplight that contrasted finely with each other, illusory and real models were as noble and mysterious as visitors from outer space. People at the spot were brought into another world by the realistic and dreamlike vision when they were in a trancelike state.

With a deep and genuine commitment to China's proud heritage, NE-TIGER has always sought to explore and balance the synthesis between Chinese culture and contemporary fashion, endeavor to fuse ancient civilization with modern culture, and integrate Orient and Occident. Themed "Tiangan-Dizhi" (Heaven Stems and Earth Branches), the fashion show took inspiration for invention and design from the Chinese zodiac culture, and renovated the primitive embroidery art of Qiang ethnic group to integrate it with contemporary three-dimensional cutting techniques, gorgeously embodying the boundless creativity of NE-TIGER brand in an earth-shattering and heaven-battering manner.

Chinese culture about "The Book of Changes" is extensive and profound and covers heaven and earth. It infers the metaphysics of generation and formation as well as the principals of survival, including heaven stems and earth branches, which create China's special calendar to display years, months, days and even hours, that implicates the upmost state of harmony between heaven and humans. The stem-branch combination represents the calendar year and the zodiac animal implies the birth year of a person.

Chinese ancestors explored the mysteries of echoes between heaven and earth and living things, and then matched up earth branches with zodiac animals to compose a unique fancy: Rat's charm, Ox's patience, Tiger's sensitivity, Rabbit's articulation, Dragon's health, Snake's depth, Horse's popularity, Goat's elegance, Monkey's brains, Rooster's deep thoughts, Dog's loyalty and Pig's chivalry. The twelve zodiac animals were designed in pairs to form six groups, and the sexagenary cycle (Jiazi) recurs each sixty years, representing the blessings and expectations placed on all human beings by Chinese ancestors. Striving to excavate the eternal concept behind the Chinese zodiac culture, NE-TIGER creates modern fashion while handing down the classics through generations, making the Chinese zodiac culture transcend time and space as well as national boundaries.

More than just a leader in China's fashion industry, NE-TIGER is a guardian of Chinese culture. Having great esteem for traditional, national techniques, NE-TIGER further develops and promotes the firm belief and with a broad mind of historic embroidery techniques that contain great wisdom, and presents them to the whole world. Following the use of Yun brocade that is known for the old saying of "An inch of Jin, an inch of gold," four exquisite and famous Chinese embroideries (Jiangsu Embroidery, Sichuan Embroidery, Guangdong Embroidery and Hu'nan Embroidery), K'o-ssu -- "the deity of weaving", as well as the excellent knotting technique dating back to early ancient times, NE-TIGER made innovation again during this fashion show to Qiang Embroidery with its thousand-year-old flavor of Qiang ethnic group, gorgeously reproducing the profound Qiang culture in a modern fashion design.

As one of the world's oldest nationalities, Qiang ethnic minority has a six-thousand year history of cultural development. The ancient Qiang nationality is an important origin of Chinese nation and has developed over ten nationalities including Han, Zang, Yi, Naxi and so on. Qiang Embroidery has experienced a thousand-year inheritance and evolution, and developed a unique artistic style, embodying the essence of art of the traditional Qiang culture. The primitive technique, the refined and wonderful picture composition, and the pure and beautiful colors are fully expressed in NE-TIGER's Hua Fu, creating a stunning and classic Chinese-style luxury.