Nearly 50% of Ukraine's Population Support Signing of Association Agreement

Nov 14, 2013, 05:04 ET from Worldwide News Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine, November 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

According to a public opinion poll, conducted by the largest Ukraine-based market research company, about half of Ukrainians support the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. Supporters of the European integration generally share the values ​​of the EU aimed at improving social standards: they are eager to reject corruption, respect parking regulations and speed limits, etc., as reported by

According to the GfK Ukraine's survey results, 45 percent of Ukrainian residents support Ukraine's association with the EU, while 14 percent of respondents would approve Ukraine's joining the Customs Union. At the same time, 15 percent believe that Ukraine should not enter any alliances; the rest of respondents were undecided. However, as the survey revealed, many of the respondents supporting the European integration demonstrate a lack of tolerance toward those openly displaying his or her homosexuality.  

Interestingly, 54 percent of Ukrainians who believe that the country should sign Association Agreement (AA) with the EU also hope that Ukraine subsequently becomes a member of the European Union. At the same time eight percent did not support Ukraine's succession to the EU following the signing of the AA.  

The GfK Ukraine researchers discovered an expected trend: younger respondents (16-29 years old) were mainly supporting Ukraine's European future, while older generation (over 60 years old) were less supportive of the Association. College-educated respondents demonstrated the highest levels of support, and vice versa.  

"Russia's aggressive reaction to Ukraine's prospective signing of the AA with the EU led to fast reverse reaction among Ukrainians. The share of European integration supporters increased significantly within several months. However, developing European values ​​among Ukrainian citizens, according to the survey, is the process that needs more time," commented Hlib Vyshlinsky, Deputy Managing Director for GfK Ukraine.

Notably, in December 2012, Deutsche Welle presented the results of an opinion poll among Ukrainians between 18 and 65 years old. More than half of the interviewees wanted Ukraine to become an EU member, while 35 percent of Ukrainians aged 18-29 supported rapid integration (within the next five years). Notably, the share of Ukrainians who evaluated the EU - Ukraine relations as friendly more than doubled in six months - to 28 percent in December 2012.

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine