Earns 'TOP 50 Emerging Companies in USA' Status

Dec 10, 2010, 10:30 ET from eConnectPEOPLE, LLC

CINCINNATI, Dec. 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- George VonAllmen, Founder/CEO of eConnectPEOPLE, LLC announced today that the company's first product offering – – has been selected as one of the USA's "TOP 50 Emerging Companies" in the FundingPost sixth annual Pitching Across America competition. " creates an original way to connect people within specific social networks while they are in the process of determining their final destination of travel," said Joe Rubin, Director of FundingPost. "It's an interesting twist on social media that the judges appreciated!"

FundingPost ( has been introducing entrepreneurs to investors for over 9 years, established the competition in 2004.  In the past 6 years more than 500 Venture Capital Funds and Angel Investors have participated as judges, voting on over 1,000 business summaries from emerging companies nationwide. The emerging companies' executive summaries were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10. Judging criteria consist of several key points including: the professionalism of the written summary, current stage of development (customers, revenue), competitive advantage and need in the marketplace, feasibility for success, and whether the company is "VentureWorthy."

The first in a product line of websites and APP's for mobile devices from eConnectPEOPLE, LLC  – will allow users to make hotel reservations based on "seeing" where other members of their social or professional networks are staying. With the click of a button, you can tentatively set up meeting a new friend who enjoys the same activities, discussing the same subjects, or even a fellow alumnus from college or past employer.  "Our tagline is 'Zero Planning...Endless Possibilities'...and it really is that simple and that secure," states VonAllmen.  Ananda Jami, CIO of eConnectPEOPLE adds, "As we continue to enhance our proprietary core technology (eCollater© - ref. # US 61/228,161 United States Patent and Trademark Office)...we will be able to 'pair-up' people in many other arenas - from vacation rentals and cruise berths, to tickets for concerts and sporting events, even to seats on airlines, trains, and restaurants."

With his 35 years in the Hospitality industry, Don Farrell, CMO of eConnectPEOPLE, is actively looking for synergistic opportunities.  "We welcome any and all inquiries on potential licensing or partnering – we look for 'Win/Win' scenarios in all we do!  In fact, we will add the ULTIMATE in value by assuring our partners have exclusivity 'per application.'  This pledge mandates  that we vigorously engage any company or individual that tries to duplicate our business model without our prior authorization."

If you are in a leadership position with a Professional Association, Avocational Group, or Hobby Club of at least 5,000 dues-paying members, and have an interest in having "NeatwaytoMeet" travel benefits for your membership - you can contact Don Farrell at <>

About eConnectPEOPLE, LLC:  Founding Partners George VonAllmen and Don Farrell have over 65 years of experience between them in the Hotel/Travel business.  More significantly, along with CIO/Partner Ananda Jami, the 3 partners are "5 for 5" in successfully starting-up new business ventures.  VonAllmen co-partnered the launch of in 2004, and HeadStand-Consulting in 2007.  Farrell was co-founder of Signature Worldwide, which is now the largest Sales/Service Training company in the Americas.(,   and in 2008 launched   Jami successfully launched as CIO and Co-Founder.

About FundingPost:  For over seven years FundingPost has worked with thousands of Angel and Venture Capital Investors and Entrepreneurs.  With over 5,000 CEOs and 600 Venture Funds attending events in 15 cities nationwide; a quarterly Dealflow magazine; and a deal-exchange website that has, on average, seen an introduction of an Investor to an Entrepreneur every business day since its inception; FundingPost believes that it is important to reach investors in every medium possible -- both online and offline, and is experiencing strong growth as the venture capital markets continue to improve worldwide.


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