Needly Unveils Groundbreaking Peer-to-Peer e-Commerce Solution at Venture Beat DEMO

Patented Mobile Solution Allows Listings and Transactions in Seconds

Sep 15, 2010, 12:00 ET from Needly

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Needly, an innovative peer-to-peer e-commerce solution that revolutionizes the way individuals and small businesses can buy and sell goods and services, will be unveiled today to an audience at DEMO.  

Needly's ability to list an item complete with photo, price, and text in under 30 seconds, with persistent no-fee listings and safe, escrowed transactions, will completely disrupt the peer-to-peer e-commerce space, according to Needly CEO Fred Krueger.

"Today, if you want to sell something on the Internet, you face a very slow process of photographing, writing, and uploading to a site where your listing either disappears quickly or costs a non-trivial amount to list," said Krueger. "On top of that, your transaction isn't safe.  Needly changes all of that."

Needly's patented mobile listing platform allows users with an iPhone or Android phone to photograph, price, describe and upload their item or service to their personal page on Needly in under 30 seconds.  Video is also supported.

An addictive added feature is the ability to privately inventory your personal items and total up the worth of your possessions.

"With Needly, you can go through your garage or around the house and list all the stuff that's too valuable to throw away, but too expensive to sell, in just minutes," said Krueger. "You can sell it or just add it to your private inventory. Plus, it's a godsend for small businesses.  Needly opens up e-commerce to millions of people who couldn't use the Internet for business before."

Matt Marshall, CEO of Venture Beat DEMO, invited Needly to demonstrate the new platform to assembled tech journalists and investors.  "Our audience wants to see innovative, disruptive technologies like Needly. We reviewed Needly carefully and immediately decided to invite them to DEMO," said Marshall.

The DEMO conference marks Needly's public debut. "We decided that DEMO was the perfect time to come out of beta," said Krueger. "I can't think of a better opportunity to launch Needly."

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