Nespresso Invites Coffee Lovers To Experience Its Latest Limited Edition Coffees Sourced From Rwanda And Mexico

Two unique communities, two outstanding coffees, united by expertise -- introducing UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas

Jan 21, 2016, 11:15 ET from Nespresso USA

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer and reference in premium, single-serve coffee, invites coffee lovers to experience two unique coffee-growing communities through the launch of their new Limited Edition Pure Origin Grands Crus -- UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas. Various times throughout the year, Nespresso coffee experts create eagerly anticipated Limited Edition coffees to surprise and delight Club Members and coffee aficionados. For its latest launch, Nespresso looked to the unique coffee growing communities of Lake Kivu, Rwanda and Chiapas, Mexico to develop two exceptional Limited Edition coffees, born in very different communities, but united by their devotion and expertise. Celebrating the dedication to coffee cultivation in each community, UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas both have names meaning 'heart' in their respective native languages.

Synonymous with quality and coffee expertise, Nespresso is paying tribute to these two small, but highly knowledgeable and motivated coffee-growing communities. One utilizes contemporary post-harvest techniques and the other uses traditional methods passed down by generations. Nespresso has paired the dedication that the farmers in each community have for growing high quality coffee with the brand's own established expertise in roasting and grinding technology to create UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas.

"While different practices are used to grow the coffees, both communities share the same devotion to coffee, the same exceptional community spirit and ultimately achieve the same result – the best quality coffees, which are appreciated worldwide," said Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso. "Both UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas are Pure Origin coffees, which means that 100% of the coffee has been sourced from their respective countries. We are able to amplify their intrinsic flavor qualities with a split roasting technique for the perfect in-cup result, bringing our Club Members new, exciting flavors from around the world."

UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu
Groups of small but highly modernized coffee growing communities can be found on the densely populated and highly cultivated shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. Here, the growers have experienced a renaissance of the coffee growing industry and use the latest contemporary post-harvest practices to deliver the finest quality coffee. The growers select only the ripe coffee cherries for harvesting, which is done by hand as is the rigorous post-harvest sorting that ensures only the best beans are selected. Today, coffees from Rwanda are considered amongst some of the sweetest and most flavorful East African coffees.

The Nespresso coffee experts enhance these intrinsic flavorful qualities by split roasting the green coffee beans. One half of the green coffee beans undergo a lighter roasting, which highlights the coffee's juicy fruit notes, while the other half gets a darker roast for delightful strength and texture. Through thoughtful selection, the Nespresso experts ensure that all the brightness and complexity of the beans' flavors are delivered into every cup of UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu.

TANIM de Chiapas
In contrast, the coffee in Chiapas, Mexico is grown on high, volcanic land, growing side by side with other crops such as avocados and oranges. Chiapas, is considered one of the main origins for obtaining quality coffee in Mexico and produces exceptional coffee with stone-fruit flavors and cocoa notes.

Farmers in the region favor traditional practices, which have been passed down by generations and many farmers tend to the crops in their own back yards. For years, the farmers have grown their coffee under the shade of the lush, tropical rainforest, which prolongs the ripening and therefore provides beans of a consistent high quality with fine aromas.

Using their expertise to refine the beans from Chiapas, the Nespresso coffee experts apply a similar split roasting technique as they used for UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu. However, in this instance one part of the green coffee is roasted at a low temperature for a long time to protect the specific nutty and bready notes while the second part has a shorter, darker roasting to develop a silky smooth texture.

Coffee Flavor Profiles
UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu features a refreshing union of fluid texture with bright, juicy fruit notes, and is enhanced by a delicate aftertaste. It is best enjoyed as an Espresso or Lungo and has an intensity level of six on the Nespresso OriginalLine scale of one to thirteen.

TANIM de Chiapas boasts a sweet harmony of a silky-smooth texture and bready aromas with delicious nutty notes. It is best enjoyed as a Ristretto or Espresso and has an intensity level of seven.

Both UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas work in perfect harmony with milk, specifically meant to be enjoyed as a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato or simply just a dash.

Availability and Pricing
UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas are available at Nespresso Boutiques (New York, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Dallas, Newport Beach, and Tysons Corner), at Nespresso Boutique-in-Shop locations, through the Nespresso Club (1-800-562-1465) and on for a limited time. A sleeve of 10 capsules is priced at $8.00.

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