Net Health Launches Integrated Wound Image Calibration Solution

Sep 24, 2013, 10:20 ET from Net Health Systems

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Net Health, the leader in software solutions for outpatient specialty care, has announced the release of the WoundExpert® IRIS Module, an integrated wound image calibration solution, available exclusively in the WoundExpert software.

Using patent-pending technology created by TRUE-See Systems™, the module will help correct common photo documentation problems, including erroneous color and lighting, and inconsistent orientation and wound measurements.

Misdiagnosis, an inability to prove medical necessity, and poor representation of a facility's healing abilities are a few of the potential consequences of inaccurate supporting wound photo documentation. The WoundExpert IRIS Module empowers a facility to overcome these challenges using a standard digital camera.

In addition to facilitating consistency and accuracy in wound documentation from care provider to care provider, the WoundExpert IRIS Module offers key advantages, including:

  • Real-time validation of high quality, calibrated photos
  • Auto-calculation of wound measurements
  • Reference photos of previous assessment pictures and measurement methods
  • Ability to document while photos are uploading

Net Health Chief Technology Officer, Christopher Hayes, described the company's process in selecting this solution for the module. "Many photo documentation options try to support wound measurement, but none actually improves the image. Providing our clients with a fully integrated solution was a must-have, yet was unavailable from most prospective partners. TRUE-See Systems provided Net Health the ability to address both picture quality and measurement consistency while preserving a standard clinic workflow."

Nearly 100 participants tested the capabilities of the WoundExpert IRIS Module in live clinic environments during a six-week beta period. Product Manager for the WoundExpert software, Kimberly Anderson, noted key feedback from participants. "Within a matter of days, beta facilities reported notable improvements in the quality of uploaded wound photos." Ms. Anderson added, "Some mentioned their referring physicians were impressed with the improvements in the photos they received. Facilities that previously required two clinicians in the treatment room enhanced efficiency and productivity, as the module enabled a single clinician to capture wound assessment documentation in real-time."

The WoundExpert IRIS Module is now available exclusively in the WoundExpert software.

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Net Health is the leader in software solutions for outpatient specialty care. The company's certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) are utilized by more than 30,000 healthcare professionals in more than 1,800 facilities to record clinical procedures and drive financial results while improving patient care and outcomes. The WoundExpert® software provides integrated clinical, financial, and regulatory solutions to enhance patient care and facility performance across the wound care continuum. Net Health's database of over 6 million patient encounters represents the largest independent source of chronic wound benchmarking data in the industry. Agility EHR® 10 is the only ARRA-certified and CCHIT Certified® 2011 Complete EHR that addresses the needs of urgent care and occupational health providers, as well as hospital employee health, available in both an individual provider and enterprise health system configurations. The Agility software has served hospitals for more than 20 years and tracks data for hundreds of thousands of health care workers in the US. Learn more at

About TRUE-See Systems

TRUE-See Systems™ patent pending technology provides clinicians with protocols, advanced color calibration techniques and electronic measurement capabilities to generate reliable results for accurate assessment, legal, billing and telemedical purposes. Founded by an award-winning cinematographer and a nationally-recognized wound care physician, TRUE-See creates standardized digital pictures to properly document a patient's medical record, offering proof of medical necessity and improving treatment decisions. Learn more at

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