NetCharts Pro v7.0 Sets New Standard for Delivering 'Embedded BI'

Jun 30, 2010, 17:18 ET from Visual Mining, Inc.

Application Developers Can Now Support HTML 5/SVG with Seamless Translation to Adobe Flash

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Visual Mining, a leader in business intelligence (BI) dashboard and data visualization solutions, today announced the immediate availability of NetCharts Pro v7.0. NetCharts Pro continues to be the solution for Java application developers who want to deliver dynamic, interactive charts, graphs and business intelligence within applications, web-browsers, or internet enabled devices.

"For companies looking to integrate dashboards and other visual BI functionality into a web-based application, NetCharts Pro v7.0 provides a technologically robust platform for developers while delivering intuitive visual appeal to end-users," said Michael Locke, Sr. Research Analyst, Business Intelligence, Aberdeen Group.

With NetChart Pro v7.0, Java application developers can integrate charts, graphs, and business intelligence functionality into their applications today-- and tomorrow. The following new features assure Pro v7.0 customers they will stand out from the competition, increase application adoption, and save development time and money:

  • Support for HTML 5 and the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) specification
  • Real time translation of SVG into Flash for web browsers that are not yet HTML 5 compliant
  • Emulate all commercial visualization styles and effects, or create new, unique charts and graphs
  • Compelling new styles including glossy effects, spotlights, shadows, multiple gradients, and corner styles
  • Enhanced interactivity with build animations, image-based rollover effects, and legend manipulation

"With the release of NetCharts Pro v7.0, we not only reaffirm our technical leadership but that of our customers, by providing industry leading interactive visualization and business intelligence functionality," said Tristan Ziegler, President and CEO, Visual Mining. "Supporting HTML 5 and SVG, as well as automatically back-porting to Adobe Flash also means NetCharts Pro v7.0 is browser agnostic, thereby enabling developers to focus on functionality within their own solutions rather than worry about the direction or pace of change in web standards."

"NetCharts Pro is great technology. It is easy to use, reliable, and helps us provide incredible value to our customers," said Crispin Panyard, Vice President of Operations for Eyelit. "In fact, we've been so impressed with NetChart Pro, we're looking to add other products from the NetCharts Product Suite, such as NetCharts Performance Dashboards, to help provide even greater customer value."

Also with the release of NetCharts Pro v7.0, Visual Mining is merging its NetCharts Applets product into NetCharts Pro. In accordance with support and maintenance terms, Visual Mining will continue to support older versions of NetCharts Applets. Upon migration to Pro v7.0, NetCharts Applets customers can continue to output Java applets for client-side applications, and will now be able to provide charts, graphs and dashboards as JPG, PNG, SVG and Flash in server-side applications. Visual Mining is also announcing new service offerings to help customers quickly migrate and take advantage of NetCharts Pro v7.0.

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