Netshoes Ushers in World Cup 2010 Shopping Season with Personalized Online Customer Experience Powered by Baynote

Leading Brazilian Sports Retailer Uses Baynote to Increase Conversion Rate by 30 Percent

Jun 09, 2010, 08:30 ET from Baynote

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Baynote, the innovator in adaptive Web solutions, announced today that Netshoes, a leading Brazilian sports retailer, has selected the company's recommendation technology to deliver customers a more adaptive online shopping experience. Within one month of deploying the Baynote Collective Intelligence Platform™, Netshoes improved its conversion rate by 30 percent and increased its average order value (AOV) by 10 percent.

"The results with Baynote were immediate and far-reaching," said Marcio Kumruian, CEO and founder, Netshoes. "The increased conversion rate continues to contribute significantly to Netshoes' bottom line, and we're really well positioned to take advantage of the influx of Brazilian National team fans coming to our site this World Cup season."

Netshoes is Brazil's largest online retailer of sports shoes, jerseys and accessories with over 300,000 unique daily visitors.  The retailer's manual merchandising of what they assumed to be natural complementary products required a great deal of effort with little return on investment.  Netshoes chose Baynote because it combined the power of crowd-driven recommendations with easy to use merchandising controls.  During the lead up to the World Cup, where Netshoes is expecting a spike in traffic from Brazilian National team fans, visitors will benefit from a more personal shopping experience that adapts to their individual interests and intent in real-time.

"We have really come to rely on how the Baynote system is able to anticipate trends and automatically display the most popular and soon to be hit items," said Pedro Reiss, e-commerce director for Netshoes' partner agency  "And during a heavy shopping season like World Cup, where we have specific search campaigns targeting Brazilan team fans, we also like the platform's powerful expert-controlled merchandising capabilities."

Netshoes began using Baynote before the World Cup season to optimize the shopping experience for its customers.  For example, Baynote allowed Netshoes to "blacklist" certain soccer jerseys that would not be recommended as complementary products for products from rival teams.  These recommendations would seem otherwise logical, were it not for the intense rivalry between supporters of different clubs.  During the World Cup, Netshoes has invested heavily in a large inventory of National jerseys as well as in search marketing.  Because such a large number of patriotic first time visitors are expected, Netshoes will be "pinning" the Brazilian national team jersey to every product page hoping to turn these first time visitors into purchasers and later into long term customers.

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