Social Streaming Network and WebRTC Ecosystem Stakes Claim to Tomorrow's Trillion-dollar Mobile Streaming Media Lifestyle Segment

Startup introduces bidirectional, interactive streaming platform to even playing field for TV, cable broadcast networks, film studios and mobile streamers - ending Facebook, Netflix dominance

Feb 18, 2016, 08:45 ET from NetShow

DANA POINT, Calif., Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ( is building a first-of-its-kind WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) platform to reach and engage the nearly 4 billion mobile broadband-capable users around the world. The startup's mission is to join the short list of companies actively marketing toward social members and mobile broadcasters/streamers and their viewers.

NetShow will be a membership-based and agnostic portal – that is, open to all networks and content providers, from OTT (Over-The-Top content) media giants to private individuals with engaging, sharable content. NetShow will offer every kind of media experience, from movies and music to sports, games, news, VR, IoT and more. Most importantly, the platform will offer live interactivity as a component of live and streamed video, giving members a way to share experiences like never before.

"At NetShow, we feel we are the best investment opportunity for local TV and cable broadcast networks, along with film studios, for broadcast streaming distribution," explains CEO Michael Evingham. "Social, connected streaming is the media of tomorrow; a way for audiences to build true relationships with each other and the content they enjoy. Networks can leverage the power and insight of social to deliver precisely what viewers want and expect. Rather than building isolated, non-social platforms of their own, NetShow provides a powerful, far-reaching solution for the future of streaming media – in all its forms."

Today's leading OTT media sources (HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix, etc.) are entirely linear: Content goes one way, and there's no social interactivity. Knowing that 90% of the web will soon be video, NetShow has engineered the first "mobile living room" – mobile broadband entertainment and interaction anywhere, any time. The platform empowers an interactive, immersive social viewing experience with friends and family around the world via face-to-face virtual conferencing overlay – and its power isn't limited to traditional media.

"The possibilities are limitless," says Evingham. "Watch your own streams online while videoconferencing with a friend, seeing their reactions. Go on a virtual shopping trip together. NetShow makes the lonely wilderness of the Internet – too full of isolating echo chambers like Twitter – feel like a full, busy, social space in a way that's never been done. Our members will be able to 'watch, listen and explore together.'"

Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2015) and the Millennial generation will comprise the largest initial share of NetShow members and streaming content creators, with future generations following suit. Young people are mostly "cord cutters" or "cord nevers," opting for free, ad-supported and paid streaming services available on a wide range of devices rather than traditional, linear entertainment providers.

Content creation on the part of younger cohorts has already changed the discussion about the future of media. If trends continue, YouTube stars will soon rival Hollywood stars, and part of NetShow's purpose is to accelerate this evolution within a safe and secure space. Whether it's hard-hitting, local "citizen journalism" or more lighthearted "Wayne's World"-type fare, the NetShow domain and platform will offer the tools and audience to help people achieve their dreams. 

As a real-time, multi-channel WebRTC communication ecosystem, NetShow will offer media experiences to meet anyone's needs. The platform will introduce a mobile content discovery engine that will bring the best in on-demand and streaming content under one roof. Smart search functionality and live media notification filters will enable members to enjoy a bespoke viewing experience and never miss moments that matter, from new movies to a live stream of a child's soccer game. The company will also launch its Time To Live (TTL) mobile stream notification, a new concept for bringing audiences together around topics and themes of universal interest.

"NetShow is not building a 'walled garden' for the mobile streaming world," concludes Evingham. "Instead, NetShow is building a global Central Park for everyone."

About NetShow

Launching a Seed Funding Round in 2016, NetShow is the brainchild of broadcast media veteran Michael Evingham. He founded Pure Broadcast Networks in 1996, which was among the first live, no plugin, Java-based online video broadcasting and encoding services. The domain was originally founded in 1999, but the streaming and social sharing aspect was put on hiatus until the technology and the market caught up to the concept's potential.  


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