NetWitness(R) Announces New B.O.S. Competitive Offering

Company Releases Offering Designed to Match Capabilities of Other Network Security Monitoring Providers

Jan 11, 2010, 09:00 ET from NetWitness Corporation

HERNDON, Va., Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- NetWitness Corporation announced today the availability of a security solution designed to match the level of effectiveness of other security monitoring providers. A departure for the firm, which to this point has focused its efforts on providing the most advanced network forensics and advanced threat intelligence solutions available, this new solution simply provides peace of mind that IT networks are secure. Code named B.O.S., this offering is available under the NetWitness SKU NW-536F6C657261. Based on years of field study and researching both advanced threats and alternative monitoring methods, NetWitness B.O.S. provides market competitive capability, matching other offerings feature for feature at a much lower price point.

"NetWitness is the world's leader in real-time network forensics and advanced threat detection solutions. We also keep a watchful eye on what our competitors are doing. This vigilance sometimes informs our development strategies in an effort to keep pace," said Stephen Ward, Director of Marketing for NetWitness. "With the release of our B.O.S. offering - which is comprised of a 5 gallon bucket filled with sand - we feel that we have finally matched competitive technologies. The B.O.S., commonly referred to as 'Bucket of Sand' even provides matching ease of use - the user simply sticks his or her head deeply into the bucket and enjoys confidence that they are secure. There is an additional 'pray that nothing bad is happening' option, which more informed users might adopt."

NetWitness B.O.S is available immediately and is priced at $200 (USD), which includes shipping. Standard features include:

  • Easy installation - Simply provide B.O.S. to each network analyst or to upper level management
  • Portability - Each B.O.S. comes complete with a sturdy handle, ideal for field use
  • Ease of Use - Similar to other monitoring solutions, the B.O.S. requires that the user be willing to overlook his or her security gaps and the reality of advanced threats
  • Scalability - The B.O.S. solution provides full 10Gbps support using the same mythical architectures touted by competitive offerings

The offering represents a reduced cost alternative to the award-winning NextGen(TM) enterprise platform, used pervasively by government agencies, many of the world's largest companies, and trusted by 22,000 security experts across more than 5,000 enterprises in 126 countries as the network security monitoring solution of choice.

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Happy New Year from NetWitness!

About NetWitness Corporation

NetWitness® Corporation is the world leader in network forensics and automated threat intelligence solutions, helping government and commercial organizations discover, prioritize and remediate complex IT risks. NetWitness solutions concurrently solve a wide variety of information security problems including: advanced persistent threat management; sensitive data discovery and advanced data leakage detection; malware activity discovery; insider threat management; policy and controls verification and e-discovery. Originally developed for the U.S. Intelligence Community, NetWitness has evolved to provide enterprises around the world with breakthrough methods of network content analysis and host-based risk discovery and prioritization. NetWitness customers include Defense, National Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies, Top U.S. and European Banks, Critical Infrastructure, and Global 1000 organizations. NetWitness has offices in the U.S. and the U.K. and partners throughout North and South America Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

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