Networking Organization for Asian Business Opportunities ORIENTED.COM Announces Search for New Owner

Asian professional and social network is well-known for its global offline networking events and mass mingling platform

Oct 19, 2010, 10:38 ET from ORIENTED.COM

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ --ORIENTED.COM, a global networking organization of international professionals interested in Asian business opportunities and partnerships, announced today that it is actively seeking a new owner. Best known for its offline networking events, ORIENTED enjoys strong brand recognition across the Asia Pacific region and other major urban areas around the world due to its unique service offering and longevity in multiple markets.

The company's signature service is its ORIENTED Happy Hours, real-life offline networking events that are simultaneously coordinated on the last Thursday of every month in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, London, and in cities across the United States, including New York, San Francisco, and Portland. Since 2002, ORIENTED has organized more than 800 events in 18 cities worldwide.

ORIENTED consistently attracts bilingual, bicultural, Western-trained professionals who are upwardly mobile, highly educated, and technologically savvy. ORIENTED members also travel frequently and have high disposable incomes. They are a demographic that is in great demand by companies expanding across the Pacific in both directions, but are notoriously hard to reach.

ORIENTED's high-quality networking events demonstrate mass mingling in action by bridging online communities with real-world relationship building and interaction. Face-to-face networking is at the heart of the Asian business culture, and the ORIENTED Happy Hours provide its members with an effective opportunity to build their personal connections (or 'guanxi') on a consistent and worldwide basis.

"I am very excited about the limitless possibilities that a new owner will bring to ORIENTED and its members," said Founder Christine Hsu. "Armed with a powerful brand, a domain name with strong commercial value, a thriving community of upwardly-mobile professionals, and a decade of goodwill, ORIENTED is poised to become a dominant global brand."

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Founded in Greater China, ORIENTED.COM was established to provide high-quality networking opportunities for international professionals interested in Asian business and partnerships. Since 2002, ORIENTED has organized more than 800 events in 18 cities worldwide. The ORIENTED Happy Hours enable members to network face-to-face on a regular basis, a critical aspect of the Asian business culture. The company website also serves as an information clearinghouse for Asian community events and activities. Visit

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