Neuro Kinetics Renews Relationship with Korean Distributor, Sees Growth Across Asia

Jun 01, 2010, 12:47 ET from Neuro Kinetics, Inc.

PITTSBURGH, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) (, manufacturers of noninvasive medical diagnostic equipment used worldwide to test for vestibular and neurological dysfunctions, said today that it has renewed its independent sales representation relationship with  Kwangwoo Medix, Inc. (, a leading Korean specialty medical device distributor.

Audiologists, ENT's, neuro-otologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and neurologists use NKI's VEST™ software to conduct various vestibular, ocular-motor and optokinetic tests that assess balance and central and peripheral neurologic functions.

Kwangwoo Medix has represented Neuro Kinetics in South Korea since 2007. It helped the manufacturer earned necessary regulatory approvals from the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).

"We are delighted that our relationship with Kwangwoo Medix continues," said J. Howison Schroeder, Neuro Kinetics president and CEO. "2010 looks like it may be a record year for business in Korea and we look forward to expanding our presence there and across Asia."

Schroeder noted that South Korea has one of the world's highest per-capita usage of neuro-otologic testing equipment, such as Neuro Kinetics' I-Portal ® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center) system.

"Our global strategy includes expanding the clinical utility of our devices by enhancing the range of tests that may be efficiently run on our devices," Schroeder said.  "Kwangwoo Medix continues to be a valuable partner as we reach out to additional medical practitioners in Korea and beyond."

Added Kwangwoo Medix President Cheon-Bock Lim, "Working with Neuro Kinetics has been a rewarding experience for us and the doctors we support. Kwangwoo Medix prides itself in supplying the best technology in the world to our Korean Doctors and Neuro Kinetics is such a partner. We are confident of the success that awaits both companies as we move forward with them."

For inquiries about representing Neuro Kinetics in other regions of the world, please contact Mark Burchfield in the U.S. at 412.963-6649 or via .


Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) is the world leader in eye-tracking technology and non-invasive neuro-otologic diagnostic testing.  

Central to its product mix and technological advances is the premise that the eye is the portal to the brain.  Research has shown the detection of abnormal eye reflexes can indicate the presence of more than 200 diseases and medical conditions. 

For more than 25 years, NKI has supplied comprehensive neuro-otologic diagnostic tools to audiologists, ENT's, neuro-otologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and neurologists around the globe.  The company's patented products include the I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center), I-Portal® VNG (Video Nystagmography) and I-Portal® VOG (Video Oculography), along with related accessories, software, training and support services.


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