Neuro Revamps Formula and Packaging for NeuroTrim

-- Company Removes Caffeine from Popular Weight Management Beverage --

May 03, 2011, 07:00 ET from Neuro

LOS ANGELES, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Neuro (, a groundbreaking line of functional beverages formulated by nutrition scientists and backed by scientific research to promote health and well being, today announced the company has updated the formula of its popular weight management beverage, NeuroTrim, by eliminating caffeine. The packaging of NeuroTrim has also been updated to a striking royal purple color in order to better fit with the packaging of the other drinks offered in the innovative wellness drink line.

NeuroTrim is a unique nutritional supplement drink that uses a patented high molecular weight fiber called LuraLean™ as a primary ingredient. LuraLean has been clinically proven to promote weight loss. The LuraLean fiber, found only in NeuroTrim, works naturally in the body to curb appetite. When LuraLean enters the digestive system, it forms an absorbable, gel-like fibrous substance that expands in the stomach, signaling the brain that it is full in order to curb appetite.  LuraLean also has a "trapping" effect upon fats, helping to reduce the amount of fat absorbed into the body. In addition, LuraLean promotes healthy digestion by increasing the number of "friendly" bacteria within the intestinal tract ("a prebiotic effect").

Changing NeuroTrim to caffeine-free removes the stimulant effects without changing the effectiveness of the formula. Now consumers who look to avoid caffeine can enjoy the weight loss and appetite control benefits of NeuroTrim throughout the day. Other ingredients in NeuroTrim include vitamin D, an important vitamin to maintain a healthy immune system; Phosphatidylserine, an ingredient important for cognitive function; and Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red grapes.

To better match the vibrant look and feel of the other uniquely shaped and fully- recyclable Neuro drinks, the company updated the packaging of NeuroTrim to a deep-hued royal purple color. This noticeable shade is often prized in antiquity because it does not fade; rather it becomes brighter and more intense over time.

Developed by Diana Jenkins along with a team of nutrition scientists, each drink in the Neuro collection of wellness drinks contains only 35 calories per bottle and is specially formulated to enhance and support a variety of cognitive functions and includes clinically validated functional dietary ingredients. Every distinctively shaped Neuro bottle is fully recyclable and includes:

  • NeuroSonic: Increases mental alertness and concentration
  • NeuroSleep: Promotes restful sleep with Melatonin
  • NeuroSun: Provides a daily dose of vitamin D (1,000 IUs) without the harmful rays of the sun
  • NeuroBliss: Promotes happiness while helping to eliminate stress
  • NeuroTrim: Promotes weight loss with a unique fiber ingredient that helps control appetite
  • NeuroGasm: Healthy blood flow and playful energy.

Neuro is available at select retailers across the country including Safeway, Savemart, Valero, select 7-Eleven and Kroger stores as well as online at and

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Neuro is a groundbreaking line of functional beverages made with natural ingredients in fully recyclable packaging. Neuro was formulated by nutrition scientists and is backed by scientific research to promote health and well being. Each low-calorie beverage in the collection contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proprietary dietary ingredients.  Neuro drinks enhance and support healthy and active

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