NeuroMama, LTD., World's First Neural Technology-Powered Search Engine offers PRIVACY, Frequent Searcher Rewards Bonuses and most relevant search results

Jul 10, 2013, 19:32 ET from NeuroMama, LTD.

NOVOSIBIRSK, Russia, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- NeuroMama, LTD. (NASDAQ BB: NERO) today announced the launching of a neural technology-powered search engine rewarding users. Users will automatically accrue loyalty awards redeemed for Android tablet computers and phones gift certificates, travel and vacation packages, and more.

"We expect tried and proven Frequent Flyer incentive programs, to break all previous usage and growth records," said Igor Weselovsky, President and CEO.

"For the launch we used the star of Cirque de Soleil Vladislav Myagkostoupov and best Russian clown Leonid Leikin to make commercials."

"But premiums and awards are only nice perks," Weselovsky added. "They aren't going to be what motivates Internet power and casual users alike to change their default search engine from GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING to That motivation will come from the superiority of the experience …from cleaner, more accurate and less repetitive search returns." is also one of the few search engines in the world that do not record your IP address or track your searches. is truly a child of the 21st Century, engineered from the ground up to take maximum advantage of the last decade's advances in Web crawling, data storage and management, and content comparison, analysis and sorting.

According to Weselovsky,'s use of neural technology to incorporate the search habits and preferences of tens of millions of users into its decision-making "thought processes" will enable it to eventually catch up with and pass its competitors on the search robot learning curve.

Neural technology-based computer systems are designed around very complex mathematical algorithms and are programmed to learn from people using these systems. "Take our as it is today, on its birthday, so to speak," Weselovsky noted. "Today really, intellectually speaking, it is still an infant, a baby, most of its brain is empty of knowledge. But even so it knows enough to not to fill up its return pages with duplicate articles and content from different websites. It knows enough to offer its users precise single-click search returns across a wide range of specific categories including finance, people, videos, and images, as well as the entirety of the Web.

"At its inception, the FSR program will make an effort to capitalize on success of iPad and iPhone of Apple, and offer premiums including gift certificates for the remarkable NeuroPad Android 4.2 tablet, the first HD tablet with the capacity to play from two to six videos simultaneously in individual windows; the totally unlocked 'free to roam' NeuroPhone smarter phone; and various travel packages offered in conjunction with NeuroMama Vacation Club."


NeuroMama, LTD, owns search engine and is also highly vested in streaming media and is also proceeding with implementation of the online mall to duplicate success of Amazon. NeuroZone is being implemented, and is currently deploying an advanced, next-generation Internet Content Distribution Platform (CDP) that will offer e-commerce merchants and entertainment programmers the most secure, fastest, and robust delivery system yet developed.


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