Neuroprotective Bacopa monnieri extract CDRI 08® (KeenMind®) focus of special eCAM issue

Oct 01, 2015, 09:00 ET from Soho Flordis International

SYDNEY, Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A special issue investigating the efficacy, safety and mechanisms of action of Bacopa monnieri in the improvement of cognitive function has been published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM), an international peer-reviewed journal. 

CDRI 08, the specific Bacopa monnieri extract used in KeenMind, is the focus of this special issue, acknowledging the extensive clinical and pre-clinical research that has been conducted on CDRI 08 over the past decades.

The editors of this special issue, Prof. C. Stough, Prof. H. Singh and Dr. A. Zangara highlight the breadth of research on CDRI 08, to which Soho Flordis International (SFI) continues to commit significant ongoing research efforts in order to deepen the understanding of the cognitive health benefits of KeenMind on memory and concentration, age-related cognitive decline and learning retention.

CDRI 08 is among the most scientifically studied plant based medicines in terms of mechanism of action, reaching its 65th research anniversary this year. In 1996, the Indian Government's Central Drug Research Institute launched CDRI 08 carrying out much of the animal and preclinical work to date. By acting through neuroprotective properties, the extract has shown anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, metal chelation, amyloid and cholinergic effects. These seem to "comprehensively map on to the biological mechanisms which many researchers argue underpin cognitive and memory processes".1

Included within the special review, the first molecular evidence of anti-amnesic potential for CDRI 08 via enhancement of both neuronal and glial plasticity markers is shown in scopolamine-induced amnesic mice.2 In other preclinical studies, CDRI 08 restored learning and memory (in particular spatial memory3) and prevented neurochemical alterations associated with hepatic encephalopathy.4 In further scientific studies, the active constituent of CDRI 08, saponin bacoside A, is also shown to be neuroprotective in cigarette smoking-induced brain changes.5

"The studies included within this special issue cover cellular mechanisms and are an excellent platform for larger clinical trials in humans to understand whether specific Bacopa extracts such as CDRI 08, KeenMind, can prevent age-related cognitive decline" Prof. Stough, Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, Swinburne University, "The more we discover about the importance of cognitive function and the effects of its decline, the more ability we have to invest in our own cognitive health, and the greater difference this could make to our quality of life as we age."

Indeed not all Bacopa extracts are the same and the outcomes of clinical trials conducted on the standardised CDRI 08 extract found in KeenMind cannot be generalised to other products. Reliable and consistent quality is the basis for efficacy and safety of herbal medicinal products. The processes involved in the growth and manufacture of KeenMind, with CDRI 08, are tightly controlled to produce a high-quality and consistent finished product. This ensures that the efficacy and tolerability credentials of KeenMind demonstrated in clinical trials can be reliably replicated in future clinical settings.

Already a number of studies have examined the effect of CDRI 08 in improving cognitive and behavioural function in healthy adults, young people and in those with age related memory decline.

"This special issue adds to the already extensive body of research for KeenMind, which is a lead product within SFI's global research push into clinically proven natural medicines. As well as preclinical studies, KeenMind is also currently a part of two ongoing Australian clinical studies; the KeenMind Inattention Trial (KIT) and Australian Research Council Longevity Intervention (ARCLI) trial. These trials represent the product's versatility for both attention and learning in younger people and for supporting cognition, memory and concentration as we age," said Soho Flordis International CEO Nigel Pollard.

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Ongoing KeenMind studies:

KeenMind Inattention Trial (KIT), Melbourne Australia   
The KeenMind Inattention Trial (KIT) will investigate whether KeenMind (CDRI 08), a specific extract of Bacopa monnieri, may help with the symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity in boys aged between 6 and 14 years of age. Over 14 weeks, study participants will be given KeenMind (CDRI 08) and sit tests measuring their IQ, memory, attention, reaction time, inhibition and behaviour. KIT is being undertaken by Professor Con Stough and PhD candidate James Kean at Swinburne University's Centre for Human Psychopharmacology.

Australian Research Council Longevity Intervention (ARCLI) trial, Melbourne Australia 
In the largest study of its kind worldwide and led by Professor Con Stough, Swinburne's Centre of Human Psychopharmacology (CHP) has been measuring the health of participants aged 60-75, analysing the effects of nutritional and micronutrient extracts on their cognitive, brain, cellular and cardiovascular health. The treatments used in the study include KeenMind (CDRI 08). 

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More information on KeenMind and CDRI 08 are available at:

The Special Issue Mechanisms, Efficacy, and Safety of Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) for Cognitive and Brain Enhancement is available at:


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