Neuticles to Launch World's First Implant Within an Implant

May 18, 2015, 11:45 ET from Neuticles for Pets

KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Missouri based company which introduced testicular implantation for pets nearly two decades ago has developed what just may be the World's first implant within an implant.

Gregg Miller, inventor of patented Neuticles for pets said a new product dubbed NeuticlesID will be available in July. The device will include a specially developed quarter inch microchip bead embedded within a Neuticle which will store information about the pet should he ever stray.

Should the pet become lost the animal shelter or veterinarian would use a hand held device which would pick up the pet's identification number which is stored in a national database. That database will host all of the pet's information including he has Neuticles.

Miller will launch NeuticlesID by altering his own dog Humphrey, an English Bulldog, with the product.

The company will provide an ID tag for the pet's collar to allow any veterinarian or pet shelter know that the pet has implants and will include lifelong registration of the pet's ID with a national registry.

"This is high tech revolutionary - as it's two surgical procedures in one and can effortlessly be placed when the pet is altered."  Miller said statistics indicate that most pet owners have the chip placed when the pet is neutered.

Microchips have been used for over 20 years, but Miller is opposed to the current method of microchip placement as it involves penetration of the shoulder blade tissues of the pet with a 12 gauge needle- normally never under anesthetic. "That is one wide needle," Miller said "and I dare anyone who says it does not hurt the pet to have it done on themselves."

Miller said most veterinarians will say chipping the pet is painless "but no matter what you are told the procedure hurts."

Traditional chip placement has also caused concern as the device migrates from the shoulder area to other areas of the body.

"This poses problems because on occasion the microchip can migrate under the shoulder blade or up to the back of the neck - or even all the way down to the stomach area," Miller said. Microchips placed in the traditional method have also caused two types of soft tissue tumors.                               

Miller said the dog, cat, equine, bull or any neutered animal will no longer have to endure the trauma and will not have to risk medical issues as it will be safely contained within the Neuticle itself.

Miller's company Advanced  Pet Technologies is the only business in the World which creates, develops and markets pet implantation devices and has operated domestically and internationally since 1995.

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