Neverfail Extends VMware Site Recovery Manager to Protect Any Business Application

Neverfail's new SRMXtender product allows VMware customers to standardize on VMware Site Recovery Manager to protect critical applications, even those on physical servers

Oct 18, 2011, 08:30 ET from Neverfail

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Neverfail®, a leading global software company specializing in affordable continuous availability and disaster recovery solutions, today announced that it is releasing Neverfail SRMXtender, a software-based continuous availability solution that extends the scope of VMware vSphere to provide a complete disaster recovery solution for all critical applications. SRMXtender is fully integrated with Neverfail's new Virtual Availability Director to allow the solution to be fully managed from within VMware's vCenter management console.


Business applications are being virtualized at a tremendous rate with the majority of companies adopting VMware vSphere as their platform of choice. However, many Tier-1 applications continue to use physical servers, whether for reasons of vendor support or performance. While customers seek to reduce operational costs through standardizing on vSphere, its inability to include some critical physical servers within its business continuity paradigm makes this goal unattainable in practice. In fact, costs may increase through the need to deploy multiple business continuity strategies to cope with a heterogeneous world.

A second challenge facing many organizations is that any significant downtime or data loss for critical applications can impact the reputation, and sometimes even the survival of their business. These organizations need disaster recovery solutions that can support service levels of close to zero downtime and zero data loss for these applications.

Companies have turned to VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to reduce their business continuity costs by exploiting centralized recovery plans for their virtual machines. Neverfail's SRMXtender offers customers further significant cost savings by automating the inclusion of physical machines, or even VMs deployed on other virtualization platforms, within SRM recovery plans.  When customers test their recovery plans, or call upon them to keep their businesses running after a site disaster, Neverfail's runtime infrastructure fails over non-vSphere servers according to SRM plans. It also offers industry-leading recovery time and recovery point objectives, allowing customers to meet the stringent availability targets associated with business critical applications.

"We're finding that the majority of our customers require their business continuity strategy to support mixed virtual/physical environments, yet they also seek to maximize their return on investment in VMware vSphere infrastructure. Our new SRMXtender and Virtual Availability Director, both tightly integrated with vSphere, provide VMware customers with highly relevant extensions that greatly simplify their DR strategy," said Nick Harmer, senior vice president of alliances at Neverfail. "For the first time, customers can now leverage VMware Site Recovery Manager to protect all workloads, whether physical or virtual, with industry-leading recovery time and recovery point objectives."

SRMXtender will be available by the end of November 2011. Prospective customers or partners interested in more information or a trial should email Neverfail at

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